Your Voice Matters express sincere gratitude to Tollers

Date Added 28.07.15

Founder of Your Voice Matters, Jenny Moore says “Because of the kind donations from Tollers solicitors Your Voice Matters is entering a new chapter. We have been able to launch a new website enabling us to reach more families and care staff, offering invaluable information and advice. Further our voice is being heard at Parliamentary level for the first time in 6 years.

Your Voice Matters is an independent, voluntary run organisation whose primary focus is on assisting vulnerable people living in care homes in the UK who are being failed by our care system. They work hard to be a voice for these people, offering support and advice to the families and care staff. They strive to influence changes in the law to prevent neglect and abuse in UK care homes.

Tollers Personal Injury department have been delighted to support Your Voice Matters. The two share a common goal; to provide advice and support to anyone who has suffered abuse or neglect in a care home. To raise awareness of these issues and work to prevent further abuse and neglect from happening and to fight for compensation for anyone who has experienced abuse or neglect.

In 2014 50,000 cases of care home abuse were reported in the UK.

Veronica Male is an experienced Chartered Legal Executive, specialising in Care Home Neglect and Abuse claims at Tollers Solicitors Northampton, Veronica and Jenny made contact on social media Jenny Moore says “My first contact with Tollers was linking up with Veronica Male on social media. I was delighted to witness a legal representative being so proactive against elder care home neglect and abuse on a public platform. Little did I realise then, how this connection would flourish and how important it would become”.

Tollers have made donations to Your Voice Matters to fund travel expenditure for the YVM team to meet with The Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Health. These meetings have secured regular contact with the MP and he has now pledged his support to YVM and their campaign. The donations have also funded the production of a new website which is due to be launched on Tuesday 1st September.

Paul Morrison Head of Personal Injury Division at Tollers Solicitors says “We have seen a dramatic increase in the need for legal advice in regard to care home neglect and abuse. We have a specialist team in this field and we are able to offer ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements, to fund these claims. Often families are very distressed when they contact us, as they are not sure how to get the help they need. We are happy to give advice and support to families who find themselves in this very difficult position”. He continues “Our partnership with Your Voice Matters means that we are not only providing support to anyone that has been unfortunate to experience abuse or neglect but that we can make a difference in ensuring that these cases reduce in the future”.

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