Why Milton Keynes Is The Place To Buy Property

Date Added 10.05.17

This year Milton Keynes marks its 50th Anniversary of its designation as a new town. The town boasts of some 7.5 million people living within a one-hour drive of Milton Keynes.

In 2013, Milton Keynes had around 255,700 residents, this is expected to rise to almost 300,000 people by 2026 and 325,000 by 2037. On average thirteen people move to Milton Keynes each day.

Milton Keynes has a variety of housing stock, ranging from listed buildings, newly built properties and the eco-houses from 2007 which won the architecture’s prestigious Manser award. Milton Keynes has a home to meet everyone’s style.

So why is Milton Keynes the place to buy? Not only is the new town one of the fastest-growing urban areas in Europe it is a buy to let hotspot! Rental income is way above the national average of 4%. The direct links to Birmingham and London by train make it the ideal place for commuters and that’s before we start talking shopping, indoor ski slopes, and MK Dons.

It was noted in 2016 Milton Keynes, along with Cambridge, will expand at a faster pace than London as the strong growth in advanced engineering and retailing ensures the city outperforms the rest of the UK. Employment opportunities are only set to increase in area.

Whether you want an idyllic place close to the amenities for your family within a convenient commuting distance or you are a landlord looking to expand your portfolio Milton Keynes is the place to buy in 2017! If you are thinking of buying a property in Milton Keynes Talk to Tollers.

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