Who Will Make Decisions For You When You Cant

Date Added 10.11.15

Karon Walton, Associate Chartered Legal Executive at Tollers LLP – who specialises in Elderly & Vulnerable Client Law and is also an accredited member of the SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly), makes comment on their newly released whitepaper “Who will decide for you when you can’t?”

The Whitepaper highlights this ever growing, changing and challenging area of law.  With over 2 million people in the UK being unable to make decisions for themselves, due to medical or mental illness, the paper provides evidence that suggests that people are not putting their affairs in order or making provisions should they lose their mental capacity and become unable to make decisions for themselves.

Karon says “The publication of SFE’s whitepaper highlights the concerns Tollers have about decisions being made on a person’s behalf, by people who are strangers to them.  I cannot stress strongly enough that people need to put their affairs in order with accredited lawyers to ensure that they have people that they trust to act for them solely in their best interests”.

The whitepaper goes on to show that most people believe that their families will automatically be able to make decisions for them.  However, the paper states that it is a mistake to assume this and the only way to ensure that the people you trust act for you, is to create a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).

An LPA if a powerful legal document which gives extensive rights to the people you appoint.  There are two types of LPA, one which covers your financial decision making and the other your Health and Welfare decisions.  Both documents are required to be registered with The Office of The Public Guardian, but once registered your attorneys will be able to make decision as to where you live, your finances, and the medical treatment you receive.

In completing any legal document Tollers would advise people to make sure that they take legal advice from an accredited lawyer who specialises in older client law.  We are please to say that at Tollers we have SFE members who have successfully completed their external accreditation in older client practice.

If you would like to read the SFE whitepaper, please click here.

Following on from the success of Tollers Elderly and Vulnerable Client teams Conference of 2015 and following on from the SFE’s whitepaper, Tollers are holding an ‘Empowerment of the Individual’ conference on the 10th March 2016 to continue to raise awareness of these issues.

If you are interested in attending this event or would like to find out more on how Tollers accredited Lawyers can assist you, please call Karon Walton on 01604 258558 or email Karon.walton@tollers.co.uk.

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