What It Means To Be Accredited By Headway The Brain Injury Association

Date Added 07.01.16

What is Headway?

Tollers Personal Injury solicitors are very proud to have Headway accreditation.

Established in 1979, Headway is a charity that helps those that have been affected by a brain injury. Often, survivors and their families and carers are left feeling unprepared when discharged from hospital following a brain injury. When they find the charity Headway, it is usually the first time that anyone has fully understood their problems and can address their needs. Headway not only supports survivors of brain injury, but family members and carers too, focusing on the need for help and information for all those affected.

Headway’s nurse-led helpline offers a vital lifeline to many survivors and their families, often in time of extreme distress. Managed by professional staff dealing with multifaceted enquiries, they ensure that the right follow up service is provided.

Acute Trauma Support is also provided by Headway, providing information and advice with emotional and practical bedside support in acute trauma wards. Further down the line, Headway also offers free training provided by an occupational therapist covering things like self-help techniques and coping strategies for survivors, carers and families affected by brain injury.

Making a difference

Without Headway, many survivors and their families and carers would be left in the dark when it comes to the cognitive, behavioural and emotional effects that a brain injury can have. With their award winning range of booklets and publications, Headway has made sure this information is easily understandable and accessible to those that need it. With added online support and over 125 groups and branches providing physical, cognitive and social rehabilitation, Headway ensures that no one affected by brain injury need ever feel alone or unsupported.

Also available is the Headway Emergency Fund for those facing financial difficulties in already distressing circumstances. This can mean not having to make the impossible choice between the financial needs of the family and remaining at the bedside of a loved one.

Headway has an approved provider scheme, a Solicitors Directory, where only law firms with personal injury specialists in brain injury are listed. The directory is available in a booklet format and also on their website you can search in accordance to your location to find your nearest solicitor.

Brain Injury Solicitors Directory

If you wish to make a compensation claim relating to a brain injury, choosing the right solicitor is crucial. The head injury solicitors’ directory offered by Headway has been a highly valued source of information for over 15 years. For those in the unfortunate position of requiring the services of a personal injury solicitor, this directory makes finding the right specialist solicitor much easier under already extremely distressing circumstances. To receive accreditation, a law firm must agree to abide by a strict code of conduct as set out by Headway as this ensures that anyone using the personal injury solicitors list can be assured of the quality and experience of their chosen firm in the field of brain injury.

Headway lawyers code of conduct

A code of conduct ensures any solicitor with accreditation “conduct themselves in a manner, which upholds and enhances the reputation of Headway and the other firms of solicitors featured in the list.” Also stipulated in the code of conduct, is that all service users are to be offered a free initial consultation. This ensures that without the prohibition of cost, the service user is able to see several solicitors and therefore choose one that best fits their needs. To become accredited, solicitors must also agree to attend regular training on brain injuries provided by Headway as part of their commitment to raise awareness of the challenges faced by brain injury survivors and their families.

To be accredited by Headway is an assurance that not only will the listed law firm have the relevant expertise and knowledge to handle your personal injury claim, you can be assured that it will also be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Tollers Personal Injury solicitors are very proud to have Headway accreditation.

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