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Date Added 26.05.16

Motorcyclists account for only 1% of road users. However, they account for 19% road user deaths. This highlights how much more dangerous it is on the road if you are on a motorbike. Junctions are particularly hazardous with 30 motorcyclists being killed or injured every day at junctions in the UK.

“Motorcyclists are roughly 38 times more likely to be killed in a road traffic accident than car occupants, per mile ridden”

There are, however, measures that both motorcyclists and other road users can take to minimise the risks. For the motorcyclist themselves, one of these can be taken care of before even leaving the house. Making sure you are wearing the right kit may seem like basic advice, but we have all seen motorcyclist tearing down the road in jeans and t-shirt! Should you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstances of coming off your bike, the tarmac will shred through these in a matter of seconds, they offer no protection at all.

Not only should a biker be in full leathers, jacket, gloves, boots, trousers and helmet, they should also ensure that they can be easily seen by all. This means wearing bright or fluorescent clothing or accessories in the day, and reflective ones at night.

Motorcyclists must also learn to be ultra-aware of what is going on around them, taking into account they are not as easily seen as other road users. Extra care should be taken before any manoeuvres and the ‘lifesaver’ glance of checking over your shoulder used frequently.

Drivers can help avoid crashes with motorcyclist with a little extra vigilance. Accidents often happen as the driver simply didn’t see the motorbike. Taking a little extra time to double check before pulling out at a junction, specifically looking out for motorcyclists will help avoid an accident. Drivers should also make sure to check their blind spot for motorbikes, particularly when changing lanes. Drivers should also double check for motorbikes when turning, left and right, remembering that a motorbike could be passing on either side.

Campaigns for motorcycle safety such as the ones from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), BRAKE and the governments Think! all focus on road users being aware and giving themselves enough time to look for bikers, and for bikers to always be aware that they may not have been seen.

We hope you have found these safety tips useful, if you have been involved in a motor cycle accident you may be able to claim compensation to help with your rehabilitation and associated costs. Call our personal injury specialists now on 0333 414 912.

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