Unfair Dismissal Following an Accident at Work

Date Added 01.12.15

Miss N worked for a local mobile phone shop and was requested to work in an untidy area doing some chores. A door slammed causing a ladder to fall and hit her on the head. Miss N was concussed which meant it was necessary to have a short amount of time off work. As she was on a probationary period, her employers decided to let her go. Miss N contacted the employment tribunal and was advised to seek advice from Tollers.

Tollers Fixed Fee Case Handler, Anna Gardner, assisted Miss N with her claim. Anna comments:

“It was quite a complex matter where the Defendant’s representatives were strongly denying liability from the outset. I raised many enquiries with them regarding safety at work etc. but they continued to deny. Finally, I sent the file to Counsel who refused to take it on as he thought that the prospects were below 50%. I made a final attempt to contact the Defendant’s insurers and threatened to issue court proceeding, fortunately for the client, they decided to change their mind and admitted liability at that point.”

Miss N says “everyone at Tollers was really nice and helpful. Anna tried super hard, she really fought for me, she wasn’t going to give up.” Finally the employers  admitted liability and Miss N received £2,000.

Miss N has this advice to people who think making a claim is too stressful and would think to just ‘leave it’: “I would advise don’t give up, just push it until you get a result”

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