Tribunal Update Refunds Will Be Issued To Claimants From Today

Date Added 20.10.17

We said we’d keep you updated and so we thought you’d like to know about this latest development. From today the first wave of Claimants will be contacted about a refund for the tribunal fees they paid. This will be repaid with interest of 0.5%. The interest is calculated from the date of the original fee payment up until the refund date. The projected cost of repaying all outstanding fees is set to be about £33 million.

This first wave of Claimants is the ‘opening stage’ of the refund scheme and is expected to last four weeks. About 1,000 Claimants can expect to be contacted today as part of the opening phase. These people will then be asked to fill in forms to claim the fees back. The refund scheme will subsequently be fully opened in the coming weeks. At that time, full details of the scheme and how Claimants can be reimbursed, will be made available.

What Next?

If you are a Claimant who has paid a fee and have not been contacted by the Tribunal then you can register an interest under a pre-registration scheme set up by HMCTS. This is so that you can register your interest in applying for a refund when the full scheme is rolled out. This can be done by post or email. The email address is: ethelpwithfees@hmcts.gsi.gov.uk.

If you are an Employer and had a claim brought against you under the fee pay regime and are worried that you may have to pay the fees back, don’t. As per my article in September, which can be viewed here. Tribunals are ruling that reimbursements should wait until the Government can pay back the fees to the Claimants.

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