Top Tips To Stay Safe On Holiday

Date Added 08.07.16

With summer finally here, it’s hopefully time to start preparing for your holiday! While caught up in the excitement of planning activities, trips and deciding which shoes to take, it’s worth taking a little time to think about and plan your holiday with safety in mind.

Check Your Destination

If you are going abroad, before you even book your holiday, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research first. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides up-to-date safety information on specific countries including places where travel is strongly advised against due to high risks of terrorism or unrest. It is also important to have comprehensive travel and medical insurance in place.

Water Sports, Activities and Excursions

Make sure you only go on recommended excursions with reputable companies. Don’t be afraid to ask about liability insurance and safety records. The man with the little boat and a hand-painted sign may be half the price of anyone else, but he’s unlikely to have the relevant insurance! Also make sure any water sports or other activities are run by qualified professionals.

Kids Safety

The kids will no doubt be itching to get in the pool, but the 5 minutes it takes to apply sunscreen are a must! This should be reapplied regularly throughout the day, especially if they are in and out of the pool. Always know where your kids are and what they are doing, especially around water, even if there is a lifeguard on duty be aware it only takes a couple of seconds for someone to get into difficulties. Don’t allow your children to wear loose clothing in the pool, these can get caught in the pool’s filter pump which can pull a child under. Don’t allow your children to run at the pool side, these areas are always wet and slippery – mix that slip potential with deep water and you have a recipe for disaster. Check the tiles in and around the pool to make sure they are not broken and likely to cut feet and toes. Don’t let your children dive into unfamiliar water, either at pool side or in the sea, depths can be deceptive and objects can be much closer than they appear.

Food and Drink

Remember that alcohol combined with the hopefully hotter temperature on holiday will dehydrate you much faster than at home, so take care with this too. You also increase your risk in the water if you drink and swim. Consuming alcohol and then swimming puts you at risk of impaired judgement, reduces co-ordination and increases your reaction times. Should you need resuscitation, alcohol reduces the likelihood that resuscitation methods will work.

Always remember that other countries do not always have the same hygiene standards as the UK. Take extra care when eating outside of the hotel, it’s great to try new things while traveling, but the food cart at the side of the road may prove not to be a good idea! If, despite following this advice, you are still unfortunate enough to have your holiday spoilt by an avoidable illness on holiday, it is possible that you may be able to claim compensation for loss of enjoyment of your holiday. More information can be found on the Tollers website here 

Personal Safety

Take as little as possible with you when exploring, leave jewellery and other valuables in your hotel or apartment safe. Using your credit card when shopping may also be a good idea as it will mean you don’t have to carry a lot of cash around as tourists can be a target for thieves and muggers. Try not to wear too much jewellery, and strange as it sounds, try not to dress obviously as a tourist. Tourists, as they are often distracted by trying to find their way around or admiring landmarks, are ideal targets for muggers.

If Something Does Go Wrong

We hope you find some of the advice above helpful. Our intention is to assist you to stay safe and enjoy your well-earned holiday. However, if you find that something does go wrong, perhaps you have an accident or are ill with food poisoning, or if you have a road traffic accident or slip or trip over then you may be able to make a claim for your injuries and the loss of enjoyment of your holiday. There is more information on holiday claims here. Your Tour Operator has a duty of care to ensure your health and safety whilst you are abroad. Different countries have different and sometimes complex legislation but we are here to help, call us for a confidential chat about your holiday claim… We are not Personal Injury Lawyers by accident.

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