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In the 1960s, the Government decided that a further generation of new towns in the South East of England was needed to relieve housing congestion in London.

Milton Keynes officially became a new town in January 1967 and was the last and largest new town to be built in the UK.

Over the years the town has become known locally and further afield as MK.

Milton Keynes is famous for its Concrete Cows sculpture created by Canadian artist Liz Leyh who created then in 1978 with the help of local school children.

The town has over 5,000 acres of parkland, rivers, lakes and woodland which means that no-one in Milton Keynes is ever more than half a mile from a park.

Milton Keynes is also famous for being the home of Bletchley Park, which during World War II saw 10,000 people work at the facility decoding enemy communications, the most famous of which was the Enigma code and has been the subject of many films and documentaries over the years.

The town has one of the more successful economies in the UK and as one of the UK’s top five fastest growing centres, it benefits consistently from above-average economic growth.

Milton Keynes Solicitors

Tollers Solicitors opened our first office in Milton Keynes in 2005, predominantly to provide conveyancing services to the growing market. As the local infrastructure developed and expanded and demand increased for other legal services in the area, Tollers office expanded to incorporate other key legal services offered by the firm both ‘For You’ and ‘For Business’.

Tollers continued to grow and in 2016 moved to our current home in Moorgate House. Due to the substantial economic growth in the area a decision was made at that time to have this office be the base for Tollers ‘For Business’ Division – although Commercial services for the firm are offered at all our offices across all the regions we serve.


Moorgate House
201 Silbury Blvd
Milton Keynes

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Sat Nav MK9 1JL
Telephone 01908 396 230

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