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Date Added 06.07.16

During our top tip series of articles we have been focusing on advising employers as to what they could do that may help and assist them when they are faced with certain situations in the workplace.

We are aware that many businesses need assistance in managing employment law issues in their business. In our efforts to ensure that our clients receive the more effective and hands-on service we have a developed a service for businesses called the Tollers HR package.

What is Tollers HR?

A Tollers HR package is designed to help you manage the HR side of your business, in a cost-effective and confident way. Our solicitors will provide you with a personal and dedicated service. This is the Tollers Difference. The Tollers HR package is made up of the following key elements:

  • HR peace of mind for 12 months;
  • Anytime employment law advice straight through to a solicitor face to face or on the phone;
  • A site visit when you sign up to review your contracts and handbooks;
  • To become a custodian of your handbook so that we can update it with employment law changes for you;
  • Regular email updates;
  • Invitations to our seminars;
  • Training for staff on HR matters where required;
  • Annual review meetings with you;
  • Indemnity Insurance with Composite Legal; and
  • No notice to cancel at the end of the 12 months.

Assured Advice

We like to understand your business. Once you’ve signed up to Tollers HR, we like to start our working relationship with a site visit, where our solicitors assess your existing handbooks, contracts and employment procedures and advise and guide you on any outstanding issues you may have.

We can then help you update documentation and procedures in line with the latest legislation. Our employment team are here to help with any HR legal issues that may arise and make sure you identify and rectify any potential problems before they affect your business. And for ongoing support, we provide members’ bulletins, content and contractual updates and early warning on forthcoming changes to help you plan more effectively for the future.

Anytime Advice Line

As a Tollers HR member, you’ll have a ‘direct to solicitor’ service, so you can speak to our team of experienced employment law solicitors whenever you need to, face to face or on the phone. We’re on hand to provide support and advice on everyday employment issues and general enquiries.

Tribunal Indemnity Scheme

In partnership with a leading specialist insurance provider, Tollers HR tribunal indemnity scheme covers tribunal costs and awards up to £100,000 per case. We do not self-insure which means we can cover all areas of potential claims, including discrimination. Our indemnity scheme is an essential safeguard against the unexpected costs of an employment tribunal and can take away the temptation to settle a case on a commercial basis.

Tribunal Service

If you do have a Tribunal Claim, then we are here for you. Disputes can deflect focus away from the day-to-day running of your business, so prompt, professional and ethical advice can be crucial to successful outcomes.

Employment Tribunals involve a specialist legal process that can prove complex, time consuming and costly, but the insurance indemnity covers the cost of going to Tribunal. Under Tollers HR, our solicitors will have an intimate knowledge of the case. We can prepare your case, brief witnesses – on-site if required – and represent your business at tribunal, so that we support you from start to finish.

Want to know more?

Talk to Tollers! We are HeRe for you.

Tollers’ Employment Law Team are here to help should you have any queries regarding the Tollers HR package or if you would like to obtain a quote for this service, do not hesitate to contact us on 01604 258558.

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