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Bank Holiday Safety Tips

We all love an extra day off, so when it comes to Bank Holidays, we like to make the most of the extended weekend. Whether you’re planning a picnic, BBQ, country walk or trip to the seaside, here are a few tips to keep you and your family safe this Bank Holiday.

Being Careful with Food

When packing up your picnic food, make sure you take it with you in a good cool box or bag with reusable icepacks to stop food getting warm and leaving you with an unwanted reminder of your day in the form of an upset tummy! (These are also handy if anyone suffers an insect bite or a brush with stinging nettles!)

If you are planning a BBQ, make certain all raw meat is kept carefully away from ready to eat food, and is also kept well wrapped and cool until it’s time to start cooking.

Countryside Care

After all that lovely food, you’ll probably want to walk it off and maybe explore some country lanes. When walking along country lanes, make sure you are walking towards oncoming traffic, have water with you and are wearing bright clothing so drivers can easily see you.

Avoiding DIY Disaster

If you decide to stay home, you may want to tackle the obligatory Bank Holiday DIY! According to the latest available statistics, around 100,000 people go to Accident and Emergency every year with DIY related injuries, 40,000 of which are ladder-related.  Take extra care if using power tools too, inspecting cords for fraying and looking out for any other signs of damage, even if the tool is new and always make sure what you are buying has reached British safety standards by looking for marks such as the BSI Kitemark or an equivalent safety standard.

Seaside Safety

If it’s a day at the seaside you have planned, be aware of the tides for where you are going. The sea can be unpredictable, as sadly proven recently when two young men ages 14 and 15 were lost in choppy conditions while swimming at Barmouth Beach. There was another unrelated incident at the same beach on the same day where a 20-year-old man was washed off the rocks. It may seem like a great adventure to climb the rocks on our coastlines, but they are very dangerous, especially at high tide. Keep younger beachgoers within view at all times, discourage playing in and amongst the rocks and advise even stronger swimmers not to swim too far out.

Organised Fun

There is always a wide variety of organised events available over the Bank Holiday period: you can enjoy a BBQ without the hassle of cooking yourself, perhaps visit one of our Great British Fetes or join the throngs of thrill-seekers at a theme park. There is usually plenty going on to entertain the whole family. A word of warning! Do always make sure that the relevant food safety certificate is on display when purchasing food from an organised event, so you know food preparation health and hygiene is up to standard. The last thing you want is a case of Food Poisoning!

According to the FSA (Food Standards Agency) cases of food poisoning increase significantly over the summer months due to germs and bacteria spreading more easily in warmer temperatures.

Preventing Accidents

Every year, on the third Wednesday of August, APIL (The Association of Person Injury Lawyers) hosts injury prevention day  as; if injuries ‘can be foreseen, they can be prevented, avoiding needless pain and suffering, and the additional trauma of having to claim compensation to help get a life back on track.’

With a little planning and consideration to safety, most accidents and food poisoning can be avoided meaning a much more enjoyable Bank Holiday for everyone, after all, no-one wants a Bank Holiday weekend to end in A&E. However, sometimes accidents happen that are not your fault. If you have suffered food poisoning at an organised event or had an accident that resulted in injury due to inadequate safety instructions or a faulty tool, you may be able to claim compensation.

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