Stay Safe When Driving In Winter

Date Added 24.11.15

At Tollers we would prefer that our clients did not have accidents but we are there to assist them when they do.

As the clocks change and the streets become more dangerous the number of road traffic accidents will increase.

We thought it would be a good idea to provide a checklist which will help our clients and the public ensure they do not have an accident or can cope should an accident happen

  1. Make sure all the lights on your car are in good working order.
  2. When it gets dark please ensure you turn your lights on. Do not wait for night time as during the winter months it can get dark during the day.
  3. Ensure that your car is equipped with warning triangles, hi vis jackets, first aid kit and torch.
  4. If the roads are icy ensure you carry a shovel in the car and warm clothing including blankets.
  5. Make sure windscreen wiper washer fluid is filled up.
  6. Obey speed limits.
  7. Do not drive when you are tired.
  8. Do not ignore any warning lights on your car.
  9. Demist your windows fully before you set off (do not demist as you are driving).
  10. Check your tyre pressures are at the correct level as set out in your owner’s manual.
  11. Keep your brake, oil and water tanks filled up.
  12. If you breakdown on a main road do not remain in the car. Make sure you find somewhere safe to stand whilst you wait for assistance.
  13. Always have a mobile phone and ensure it is fully charged.
  14. Program the number of your breakdown service into your mobile phone.
  15. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of deicer and something to scrape the car windows when they become iced up.

We are sure there are other things people can do to keep them safe and to help avoid accidents but if our list helps prevent one accident or assists one person who had had an accident then it will have achieved its aim.

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