Refund of Deputyship Fees

Date Added 14.11.19

The Ministry of Justice has announced a refund scheme for those who were charged more than necessary for some deputyship fees charged between 1st April 2008 and 31st March 2015.

The overpayments occurred as the OPG had difficulty predicting costs as the amount of deputyship applications rose much faster than they had expected and the fees charged did not match how much it cost the OPG to supervise deputies.

For those already appointed as a Deputy for existing clients, there is no need to apply for the refund as the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) will be in touch to arrange any refunds due. The scheme does not apply to fees paid to OPG Scotland, the Office of Care and Protection in Northern Ireland or the Court of Protection.

It is necessary to apply for the refund in the following circumstances:

  • You previously had a deputy appointed to act on your behalf but are now able to make all of your own decisions; or
  • You are acting as executor in an estate of somebody who had a deputy and has died. If there is no Will, an administrator can apply and if there is no estate administrator then a family member can apply.

How much you receive will depend on how much was paid and at what rate, how long you paid for and if there were any unpaid fees.  Any refund received will also get 0.5% interest.

Refund of Deputyship Fees

The refunds can be applied for by completing the form at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/claim-a-deputyship-fee-refund or by telephone.

The Refunds Helpline details are:

Telephone: 0300 456 0300 (choose option 6)

Textphone: 0115 934 2778

The helpline is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9am to 5pm and Wednesday 10am to 5pm

The process can take up to 12 weeks for the refund to be received.

The deadline for refund claims is 4th October 2022.

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