Public Consultation Issued By EU Commission Into Work-Life Balance

Date Added 02.02.16

The European Commission have launched a public consultation on how to improve the work-life balance faced by working parents and caregivers. The EU Commission will aim to gather views on the development and implementation of a range of possible tools and actions to address the issues surrounding work-life balance.

The consultation document will focus on the participation of women in the labour market. It is clear that women are increasingly educated and well-qualified but continue to be under-represented in the EU labour market. The document will also address the issue as to why it is more likely to be mothers who work part-time and often on an involuntary basis.

The EU Commission have noted that despite the current legislation, policy guidance and monitoring the situation in European Countries remains uneven.

What does this mean to you?

In August 2015, the EU Commission issued a new roadmap outlining its proposals to address the low participation of women in the labour market and allowing for those with dependents to have a better balancing of both caring responsibilities and professional responsibilities.

The EU Commission have suggested three possible measures that could be used to address the issues surrounding work-life balance, these include:

(1)  Legislative Measures

This would involve introducing statutory measures that would need to be implemented in the UK under EU law. These may provide better incentives for men to take up paternity leave and better rights for women under maternity leave policies.

(2)  A Policy Framework

A policy framework would introduce non-legislative measures which may include a monitoring system to ensure that businesses within the UK encourage a work-life balance for those with dependents.

Alternatively, a combination of both legislative measures and a policy framework may be introduced if it is believed that a combination of the two measures is the best course of action required to tackle this issue.

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