Poorly Fitted Cupboard Door Injures Pregnant Care Worker

Date Added 08.09.16

In 2015 Miss Stacey S. from Bletchley, Milton Keynes arrived at work in a Care Home, for the morning shift and reached up to an eye level kitchen cupboard to get a mug. The kitchen had been fitted just a couple of months before. The cupboard door came away from the hinges, swinging back onto Stacey and pulled her to the floor. Being 6 months pregnant Stacey was taken immediately to hospital for a scan. Thankfully the baby was happy and healthy but Stacey was not so lucky. She suffered soft tissue damage to her right arm, pulled a muscle in her hip, bruised her stomach and suffered pains in her right side. To date her shoulder is still stiff.

Luckily Stacey’s mum had used Tollers Solicitors previously and urged her daughter to Talk to Tollers. We sent her to Newport Pagnell to see our expert who advised a course of physiotherapy which had to be delayed until after her pregnancy, but was successful.

We spoke to Stacey: “Tollers sent me to see another doctor, they were really helpful, a really good company. I am so pleased I listened to my mum and contacted them.”

Tollers Personal Injury were able to secure £3,310 to help Stacey with her recovery and associated costs. We asked Stacey what advice she would give to someone who has an accident at work and she said:

“I think it is important to get good advice if you have an accident even if it doesn’t seem much at the time. I am really pleased with the support Tollers gave me and I would recommend talking to them.”

Stacey had a happy and healthy little girl, she now has her hands full with 3 children under the age of 4 and is still employed by the Care Home. Definitely what we at Tollers would class as a happy ending!

If you have had an accident at work then Talk to Tollers for a no-obligation chat about the claim process, Stacey did and we arranged for physiotherapy and £3,310 compensation to aid her when she needed it most. Call us on 0333 414 9123.

We are not personal injury lawyers by accident!

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