Multiple Injury Claims

It is very common for there to be multiple injuries suffered in an accident, particularly those involving vehicles following a road traffic accident for example.  The combination of these injuries can have a significant impact on your life and often become life-changing.

If you suffered multiple injuries in an accident you can make a claim for a multiple injury compensation package to meet all your present and future needs.

Multiple injury claims can include:

  • Multiple orthopaedic injuries or fractures
  • Maxillofacial (ENT, vision etc)
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Psychological injuries
  • Nerve and neurological injuries
  • Injuries to internal organs

Why You Should Make a Multiple Injury Compensation Claim

Multiple injuries can have a huge impact on your life both financially and personally but perhaps the most important, immediate consideration is finding the best care and support to help you recover.

Delay in getting treatment for multiple injuries can affect the healing process significantly.  It is also important to secure interim payments to cover lost earnings and help pay the bills.

There is also long-term care and support to think about.  The nature of your injuries and how they impact on each other may mean that you need specialist modifications to your home plus equipment to help you remain mobile and independent and keep a decent quality of life.

How Tollers Can Help You with A Multiple Injury Compensation Claim

Tollers Solicitors are experts in multiple injury compensation claims and we provide clear, jargon-free advice along with a no-obligation assessment of whether you have a reasonable chance of success.  If we think your claim will be successful, we may be able to help you on a risk-free No Win, No Fee basis.

It is important that you have an experienced lawyer working on your behalf for a multiple injury claim, helping you avoid unnecessary stress and potential pitfalls.  We will listen to your story in full and explain the legal process in plain English, including what you must prove to make a claim successful.

Talk to Tollers.

We will then guide you through the complex legal side of a case and help you achieve the best possible result. Get in touch with our Personal Injury Solicitors about your multiple injury compensation claims.

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Our Multiple Injury Claims Experts

Tristan Holdom
Head of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
Heading up the Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Department Tristan is a brain, spinal and catastrophic injury specialist with over 20 years’ experience...
Nina Chivers
Associate - Chartered Legal Executive
ina is a personal injury lawyer with over 18 years’ experience within the field...
David Boobyer
Partner – Spinal Cord Injury Specialist
David Boobyer is a Partner within the firm and Member of the Multi-Track (Serious Injury) Team. He has 25 years’ experience of running injury claims...
Tristan Holdom
Head of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence
Nina Chivers
Associate - Chartered Legal Executive
David Boobyer
Partner – Spinal Cord Injury Specialist
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