At Tollers we have a very experienced team of personal injury lawyers who have a wealth of expertise in advising on all sorts of unique claims...

Rarely are two claims ever the same and you should always seek advice.

Personal Injury Compensation

Accidents and injuries can occur in all kinds of situations and places. Some are simply accidents and no-one’s fault.  In those circumstances, there would be no claim to make.

In all cases wherever and however the injury occurred, you have to identify and show an individual or company owes you a duty of care, and that as a result of them breaching or failing in that duty, you suffered an injury.

Having said that, never assume that a claim cannot be made. It is surprising how many situations can give rise to a valid injury claim. for compensation.

Personal Injury Claims

There are some types of claim which have their own set of rules and regulations which can often help make a claim stronger.

At Tollers the initial advice is always free.

For example, if you are on someone else’s premises and there is something wrong with it or they have been poorly maintained, you have a right to expect not to be put in danger or at risk of injury. These cases are different to tripping on a pothole in the road where the council takes responsibility. There is a separate set of rules or laws covering occupiers of premises.

In addition, if you are a tenant your landlord, whether private or council, has extra responsibility to make sure the premises they rent to you are safe. Sometimes these extra rules cover your family and visitors, even if they are not the tenant.

Consumer Protection Act

As a consumer, you also have a right to be safe, whether it is after buying something from a shop or eating at a restaurant. If a product you have brought or food you have eaten causes injury or illness, then you may have a claim under the Consumer Protection Act.

Some of the more unique or specialised situations can involve organised sports events or activities.  You may be expected to accept a certain degree of risk in joining in but there are still some basic rules and duties owed to the participants, particularly if they are children. This will include schools, sports clubs or even public events.

Whatever the situation, tell us your story and we will let you know if you have a possible claim.  If we think there are reasonable prospects of success, we can on a risk-free ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ basis.

To talk to Tollers about any type of personal injury claims, get in touch.

Defective Premises Compensation Claims
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Food Poisoning Compensation Claims
Food poisoning is common, and symptoms can be extremely unpleasant, we can provide clear, jargon-free advice on your food poisoning compensation claim, along with a no-obligation assessment of whether you have a reasonable chance of success...
Professional Negligence Claims
Tollers will study your case and provide expert legal advice on any potential professional negligence case...
Slip And Trip Compensation Claims
We are experts in personal injury claims, and we are aware of the complexities and difficulties that come with them, such as the denials and defences insurers put forward to avoid responsibility and paying compensation...
Sporting And Leisure Accident Compensation Claims
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