Construction Site Accidents

Even when all the safety procedures are followed, construction sites are dangerous places. Those running the sites aren’t just responsible for the builders, site managers and property developers, they’re also responsible for the safety and welfare of visitors and passers-by. They are often a site for large pieces of machinery, heavy tools and ladders, all of which pose risks not only to the workers who use them, but also to people around them.

Accidents on site can unexpectedly happen at any time and to anybody. They can be relatively minor to incredibly serious and can sometimes lead to the person being forced to take time off work or even being unable to perform their job. Understandably, the entire ordeal can be stressful, particularly when factoring in long and / or short term health issues.

Most construction companies make it a priority to ensure that health and safety regulations are met via the use of safety equipment such as hard hats, and adequate training for their employees. However, even the best equipment and training can’t guarantee total immunity from construction accidents. If you are involved in an accident on site, it may not be your fault. Tollers can help uncover whether the construction company is liable.

What to do when construction site accidents occur

If you have suffered injuries, your first priority should always be to see a doctor who can evaluate the extent of the damage and recommend advice on treatment and rehabilitation.

Although compensation may not make up for the trauma, it may help with any medical bills or long term care. If your accident has left you unable to work compensation may give you the opportunity to live your life through your rehabilitation.

Before applying for compensation, it is important to consider that the application process involves complex legal procedures, which is why you should seek the advice of Tollers to minimise the risk and maximise your potential compensation.

How can Tollers help with construction site accidents?

Tollers are experienced legal experts specialising in winning personal injury cases, such as those which occur in construction site accidents. We can help you every step of your claim, ensuring that you achieve the results you deserve after the accident.

We pride ourselves on following up with you at every stage of your case, and we can support you with our legal expertise. As an initial step, Tollers will consider your individual case and will guide you on the likelihood of success for your case. If we believe that your case is likely to be successful, we may be able to work with you on a risk-free ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.

Talk to Tollers

Talk to Tollers and get in touch today regarding construction site accidents, call us for free on 0333 414 9123 to take the first simple step to making your claim. Tollers are experts in personal injury cases, we can assist you in ensuring a fair outcome is reached. Throughout your claim, we will apply our extensive expertise to achieve the best possible result for you.

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Nina Chivers
Associate - Chartered Legal Executive
ina is a personal injury lawyer with over 18 years’ experience within the field...
David Boobyer
Partner – Spinal Cord Injury Specialist
David Boobyer is a Partner within the firm and Member of the Multi-Track (Serious Injury) Team. He has 25 years’ experience of running injury claims...
Nina Chivers
Associate - Chartered Legal Executive
David Boobyer
Partner – Spinal Cord Injury Specialist
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