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Date Added 30.11.22

Our Charities of the year – Tollers is proud to announce its support for Baldock Community Charitable Fund and Northants Community Aid – our Charities of the Year since April 2022.

Chair of Tollers CSR Committee, Sharon Brown, said:

“Tollers are very proud to support the local communities in which we work, and the relationships we form with our charities of the year extend way beyond the 12 months in which we are directing our fundraising towards them. This year many of our clients and their families will be hit hard by the cost of living crisis, and so we have chosen to support two charities that are there to help anyone who is struggling.

As a firm, we have been involved with various fundraising activities throughout the year, including many volunteering opportunities with our chosen charities. Our latest activity was a Halloween-inspired bake sale.

Baldock Community Charitable Fund

Baldock Community Charitable Fund (BCCF) provides grants and donations to support other local charities and help the local community including the elderly, those with disabilities and young people. In addition to supporting the local community including young people and the elderly, the Baldock Community Charitable Fund provides grants and donations to other local charitable organisations.

Northants Community Aid

Northants Community Aid (NCA) is a charity based in Northamptonshire, run and operated by local volunteers and businesses interested in giving back to their communities.

Even modest donations can go a long way to helping the most vulnerable people, as NCA is a smaller charity and they do not have access to the same funding as larger ones.

Both of these charities offer a broad range of support to local communities by providing grants to individuals, social groups, organisations and other charities. This predominantly supports those who are disadvantaged, vulnerable or in need and furthers community projects for schools and sports clubs.

Examples of those who have benefitted from these charities include social groups, support groups, scout and girl guides, young and the elderly, trips for carers, home start, kids aid, the shack food project, family fun days, hospices and support for domestic violence organisations. They also work to raise awareness of important issues such as poverty and to support and develop local areas, parks and facilities for us all to enjoy.

For more information and to see all the good they do, you can visit the following websites for BCCF and NCA directly:

Baldock Community Charitable Fund (baldockbeerfestival.org)

Northants Community Aid (northantscommunityaid.org.uk)

Tollers are proud and excited to support these fantastic charities this year and hope you will join us in showing them support.


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