New Protections For Workers On Zero Hour Contracts

Date Added 19.01.16

As from 11 January 2016, some real protection under the Exclusivity Terms in Zero Hour Contracts (Redress) Regulations 2015 has been introduced for zero hour contract workers.

What is the impact of the new Regulations?

The standard zero hours contract enables workers to work for more than one employer, picking and choosing their work as they like. Until now, many employers have sought to get around this by including exclusivity clauses within their zero hours contracts. Such clauses have come under heavy criticism for undermining the relationship of trust between employers and workers.

The introduction of the new regulations means that if an employer subjects a worker to a detriment or dismisses an employee because he or she has ignored an exclusivity clause in a zero hours contract then they could find themselves with a very expensive claim. It should also be noted that employees bringing an unfair dismissal claim on these grounds will not need to show they have the two year qualifying period of employment.

What does this mean for you?

The new Regulations certainly provide workers under zero hour contracts with some long overdue rights which will reinstate any trust and confidence they have with their employer to ensure a better working relationship.

With the introduction of these regulations, there may be a rise in employers becoming more reluctant to offer workers any work without the guarantee of their exclusivity. Despite this risk, it does seem an unlikely result as zero hour contracts have proven a popular tool for many employers, providing them with the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions.

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