National Road Victims Month

Date Added 17.08.17

RoadPeace the national charity for road crash victims have August as National Road Victims Month. This is a month-long vigil to remember those killed or injured on our roads every day. The awareness campaign culminates with a service on 31st August on the steps to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, the date is the anniversary of the car crash which resulted in the death of Princess Diana.

RoadPeace offers an internet memorial site at www.remembermememorials.org which has been created to remember those who have lost their lives because of a road crash. RoadPeace say: “Our hope is that this site provides individuals, families and communities opportunities for remembrance that hold personal and collective meaning.”

Formed in 1992, RoadPeace work in three ways, they provide support services for road crash victims, campaign for justice and campaign to reduce road danger. You can find out more about RoadPeace and the services they offer by visiting their website, click here.

National Road Victims Month

In the UK 5 people die on our roads every day.

Despite this RoadPeace say:

  • Crashes are still seen as unfortunate ‘accidents’, instead of preventable collisions
  • Society tolerates road death and disability as an acceptable price to pay for increased motorisation and convenience
  • Crash victims do not have the same rights or support as other victims of crime or trauma.

This statement resonates rather strongly with the Tollers Personal Injury team who work tirelessly to gain the financial support road crash victims and their families need. Financial support that will be needed to pay for rehabilitation and adaptations for survivors and whilst money can never compensate for the loss of a loved one, we work hard to make sure the families left behind are not left struggling financially as a consequence.  We see the devastating effects road deaths have on family members and friends left behind. We particularly resonate with the last point “Crash victims do not have the same rights or support as other victims of crime or trauma”. They are right, in recent years we have seen the government impose restrictions on legitimate injury claims of what they perceive to be less serious, we are now at the point if you have an accident you can claim for the damage to your vehicle but in some cases, not the personal trauma to the victims involved. Does that then make an object more valuable than a person? Surely there is something wrong with that kind of thinking?

If you have been affected by a road crash and need support RoadPeace have a national helpline you can call 0845 4500 355 which is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm alternatively visit their website to find out how you can get involved National Road Victims Month.

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