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Date Added 25.04.18

This May, the Trust and Estates team at Tollers are supporting Cynthia Spencer during their Make a Will Month 2018.

For those of us who simply have not got around to making a Will or have had family changes like: bereavement, marriage or divorce and new additions to the family (including Grandchildren) you may need to update your Will. This is a great opportunity to ensure your wishes regarding the estate you leave behind are documented. Understandably no one likes to dwell on the inevitable, however, during May you will have the opportunity to make or amend your Will and help raise funds to support the fantastic local charity Cynthia Spencer.

Despite common perceptions, making a Will should not be left until later life as a part of retirement planning, you should consider making or amending your Will during major life events, like when you get married, buy a property or welcome a new addition to your family. Commonly included in a Will are directions on where your assets should go and important wishes like choosing guardians for your children or dependants and of course you can leave a legacy to a charity too. If you don’t have a Will there are default rules which state where your assets will go and what will happen to your dependants, which may not be exactly what you would want.

Cynthia Spencer provide invaluable palliative care and support to those with life limiting illnesses throughout Northamptonshire. For the duration of May you will be able to make or amend your Will in return for a donation to the charity. All the services at the Hospice are provided free of charge. This means that your donation will go directly to paying for the care of local people.

To participate in the Cynthia Spencer Make a Will month please call the fundraising office on 01604 973340 or email fundraising@cynthiaspencer.co.uk Once you receive your Make a Will pack, you will be able to get in touch with your preferred solicitor to make your Will appointment. Further information about Cynthia Spencer Make a Will Month please click here.

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