Training Contract FAQs

Training Contracts FAQs
What is the deadline for a 2024 training contract at Tollers?
The closing date for all applications is the 31st of May 2024.
Training Contracts FAQs
Where will my training contract take place?
Your training contract will usually take place in the Firm’s Northamptonshire Offices (Northampton and Corby) or the Stevenage office.
General FAQs
Will I be expected to work from any of the Tollers offices?
Yes. You will be expected to travel to any of the Firms offices depending on where their seats take place. This will also be the case when visiting clients.
Training Contracts FAQs
What do I need to have in place before I start my training contract?
You must make sure you have completed your LPC before you start your training contract. When you complete this will depend on whether you start the LPC straight after university or whether you decide to work or travel. This means, if you wish to start your training contact immediately after your LPC you should look to apply for your training contract at the end of your second year at university. It is important to take into consideration when applying for a training contract that in 2020 the Solicitors Regulation Authority will be implementing the Solicitors Qualifying Exams (SQE) in replacement of the LPC. This will take the practical LPC to a more exam based qualification.
Training Contracts FAQs
At what stage in my studies should I apply for a training contract at Tollers?
You should apply two years in advance of the date you wish to begin your training contract. For example, if you wish to start your training contract directly after you have completed your degree and then LPC, you should apply in your second year at university.
Training Contracts FAQs
What are the minimum grade requirements to apply for a training contract at Tollers?
Tollers will consider applications from candidates with at least a second class honours degree, upper division (2:1).
Training Contracts FAQs
Do I need a law degree to apply for a training contract at Tollers?
No. Tollers accept both and do not favour one over the other. However, non-law degree applicants will be expected to have completed, or plan to complete the GDL.
General FAQs
How do I apply for a training contract or apprenticeship at Tollers?
You must complete the online application form on our website. Applications made outside of this format will not be accepted. Click here to be taken to the application form.
General FAQs
Do Tollers offer financial assistance with my postgraduate studies?
We will cover the cost of the SQE only if you go embark on an Apprenticeship route with us.
Training Contracts FAQs
Can I request my seats on the training contract?
Generally your seats will be based on the needs of the business. However, second year Trainees will be given more choice, again this is dependent on the needs of the business at the time.
Training Contracts FAQs
What choice of seats are there?
This will vary depending on the needs of the business, but historically Trainees have enjoyed seats in:
  • Corporate Commercial;
  • Contentious Probate;
  • Dispute Resolution;
  • Employment;
  • Family;
  • Personal Injury;
  • Real Estate; and
  • Trust and Estates.
General FAQs
What is Tollers retention rate like?
Tollers believe in investing in their people and are proud to have retained a lot of their Trainees, who have continued their career at the Firm. A good number of our Partners started as Trainees with the firm. Trainees are recruited with a hope that they can be retained and have a long career with the Firm. However, whether or not you can be retained in your chosen department upon qualification, may depend on the needs of the business at the time.
General FAQs
How many training contracts do Tollers offer each year?
Typically, 2-4 Trainee Solicitor and/or Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship vacancies in September each year and 1-2 Solicitor Apprenticeship vacancies in September each year.
Training Contracts FAQs
Do Trainees get involved in charitable work outside of the office?
Trainees are encouraged to join the Corporate Social Responsibility Group (CSRG) at Tollers and involve themselves with the various charity events that the Firm participate in and also engage with the Tollers’ Charity of the Year. Within the CSRG, Trainees take active roles in the group helping support events and campaigns throughout the year.
General FAQs
Do Tollers have a preferred GDL, LPC or SQE provider?
The Firm do not favour any particular provider for GDL and LPC. BPP is our preferred provider for the SQE.
Apprenticeship FAQs
What is difference between the Solicitor Apprenticeship and the Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship?
The Solicitor Apprenticeship is a 6 year apprenticeship for school leavers without a law degree or the GDL and the Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship is 2.5 year apprenticeship for law graduates, or non-law graduate applicants with the GDL.
Apprenticeship FAQs
How much will I earn?
It depends as to whether you are a Solicitor Apprentice or a Graduate Solicitor Apprentice or Trainee Solicitor and your age. Graduate Solicitor Apprentices/ Trainee Solicitors start with a salary of £22,000 per annum. Solicitor Apprentices will start on £18,000 per annum (*salary correct as of May 2022).
General FAQs
What is the difference between a Training Contract and a Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship?
Both are employed by us with the same title of Trainee Solicitor. The main differences are the route to qualification and the duration of the training. A Training Contract will require completion of the LPC and is a two year contract with some "off-the-job" training to complete the PSC. A Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship requires completion of the Level 6 Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, including passing both parts of the SQE and is a two and a half year contract with 20% of your working time spent as "off-the-job” training.
Apprenticeship FAQs
What jobs could I do as a Paralegal Apprentice?
You can expect to be employed as a Legal Assistant or Legal Secretary.

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