If Only All Companies Handled A Product Recall Like Ikea

Date Added 25.08.16

A lot has been made of this product recall in the national press and as you would expect a certain amount of sensationalism has been attached to this product recall. However, we at Tollers Personal Injury believe Ikea should be applauded for how they have handled this sensitive and potentially, reputation damaging affair.

Whenever a product is manufactured that does not meet standards or for which there are complaints, companies will recall the product. This happens on a weekly basis – after all, even with the most strenuous testing something can still go wrong. In this case the item in question is a baby gate, designed to keep children and vulnerable persons from entering a potentially dangerous area. Normally located in homes around the world, at the bottom or top of stairs, or to stop crawling babes from entering hazardous areas like the kitchen.

On the 14th of July 2016 Ikea recalled the products known as Patrull, Patrull Fast and Patrull Klämma stair gates, but rather than trying to keep the recall as quiet as possible, they took the opposite stance. If you have visited a store recently you will have seen very large banners, almost floor to ceiling, in various locations throughout the store. Declaring this product unsafe and offering a full refund even without a receipt. Ikea didn’t stop there, at great expense they took out ads in national press and cooperated fully with consumer recommendation sites such as Which who mention in their article that they had previously featured the products in question, and subjected them to their own stringent safety tests. Which state:

“It’s our job to take consumer safety seriously. We go above and beyond to make sure the products we test are safe for you to use.”

At Tollers Personal Injury we deal with claims for people who have been injured by faulty or malfunctioning products on a regular basis. Everything from malfunctioning hip replacement devices to safety products that cause injury rather than prevent it. One thing is congruent with each of these cases, the company in question rarely shouts about the faulty product. It is very refreshing to see Ikea have the courage and the feeling of social responsibility to take this product recall so seriously. With their actions they have shown us they are far more concerned with the end user safety than any subsequent bad press. This needs to be encouraged and applauded rather than sensationalised when reported.

Any customers who want more information about the recall can contact Ikea on 0203 645 0010.

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