Hospital Waiting List Delays Leads To Patient Harm

Date Added 08.06.17

The Trust responsible for Kettering General Hospital has admitted that more than 138 patients have suffered harm as a result of delayed treatment and surgery, including one patient who suffered substantial loss of their eyesight.

The delay in treatment went way beyond the set time for the relevant treatment and left some patients waiting more than 52 weeks.

As a consequence of an internal investigation Kettering General Hospital say they have put in place measures to bring down patient waiting times for procedures and surgery. That will benefit future patients but does not help those patients who have already suffered harm.

Whatever the specific explanation of the problems at this hospital, patient harm may reflect a more general squeeze on funding within the NHS. There are a number of Hospital Trusts that are failing to meet the 18-week target for referral-to-treatment. Consequently, and unfortunately, there are likely to be many more patients across the NHS who have suffered avoidable harm.

An unreasonable delay in treatment that leads to harm or injury may result in compensation, as a result of clinical negligence.

What is clinical negligence?

‘Clinical negligence’ or ‘medical negligence’ are terms used to describe the situation where you, or a loved one, have suffered an injury (physical and/or psychiatric) in a medical setting by the negligent act, or failure to act, of a healthcare provider. This can include a delay in treatment.

There may have been a positive act by the healthcare provider. For example, where a surgeon (negligently) damages a nerve, which resulted in you being unable to move a limb, or where a doctor misread an X-ray image and told you there was nothing wrong.

Alternatively, there may have been an omission by the healthcare provider, or delay by the Hospital Trust. For example, where a nurse failed to give you your medication at the prescribed time, and that failure led to you being very ill, or where delayed surgery leads to a worse outcome.

You can be compensated for reasonably foreseeable injuries that you can prove were caused by negligence.

How Tollers can help you?

The head of the Clinical Negligence Team at Tollers is Dr Darren Conway PhD.  Darren has specialised in the area of clinical negligence since re-qualifying as a solicitor. He has considerable experience of clinical negligence claims, having trained and worked for a leading niche practice in London, and subsequently for both a national and international firm specialising in the field of clinical negligence.

If you believe your injuries are as a consequence of clinical negligence then please contact our Welcome Team, who are happy to take initial details from you. Your first consultation with our Welcome Team is FREE of charge.  Call free 0333 414 9123 or email us on personalinjury@tollers.co.uk

Assisting you through the process

We cannot change what has happened to you. What we can do is to help you through what can be a stressful process, focussing on the key issues to win your claim, taking that stress from your shoulders, and to recover for you money that fairly compensates you for the injuries and losses caused by any identified negligence.

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