Holiday Nightmare

Date Added 27.07.16

The number of UK residents travelling abroad for both business and pleasure has increased substantially year on year over several years. Statistically, this, unfortunately, means more and more people have accidents or suffer illness whilst abroad.

As we approach the holiday season, more UK residents will travel abroad and more will suffer accidents or illness.

Claiming compensation for accidents or illness suffered in another country can be extremely problematic. Not only are there language barriers, different countries apply different tests to establish responsibility for any injuries suffered. Some countries may have “no fault” compensation schemes for certain types of accident; some may permit employers to use standards that are less than can be expected at home; time limits for bringing claims also vary from a few months to many years.

The types of compensation and level of award vary greatly from one country to another.

Although someone may be involved in an accident or suffer illness in another country, it is still possible to pursue a claim through the English Courts.

Should someone suffer an accident or illness whilst on a package holiday, it may be possible to pursue a claim against the Tour Operator or Travel Agent. A package holiday involves a pre-arranged combination of at least two of transport, accommodation or other tourist services lasting for a period of longer than 24 hours or overnight which was sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price.

If it is not possible to bring a claim within the English Courts, it is still essential to obtain advice from Specialist Lawyers who have experience in handling accident and illness claims abroad.  If they are unable to act on your behalf, they should be able to put you in contact with experienced Lawyers abroad in order to provide specialist advice.

We have helped thousands of people who have suffered an accident or illness abroad including both holidaymakers and employees working abroad.  Those accidents can occur:-

  • In hotels or apartments;
  • On holiday excursions;
  • On holiday activities;
  • In road or coach crashes;
  • From food poisoning; and
  • From contaminated water.

If you or your family are unfortunate enough to have been injured or suffered an illness whilst abroad, Tollers Personal Injury can help.  Contact us on 0333 414 9123 to discuss your options.

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