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Date Added 15.09.17

H M Land Registry register the ownership of property in the UK. Within the Conveyancing process the H M Land Registry play a major role for us with both obtaining copy title documents and Registration of new titles, mortgages and new owners.

They also help assist with general property enquiries and we are fortunate to be allocated a designated team to deal directly with any enquiries raised by Tollers.

Since 2014 we have been able to submit electronically all new applications for purchases, whereby the title is already registered, this makes the process much quicker and more cost effective for both us and our clients.  The fee charged by H M Land Registry for online applications is reduced by 50%!  The current exceptions are registrations for newly built properties and unregistered properties.

H M Land Registry strive to achieve the following 4 values, Assurance, Innovation, Integrity and Professionalism.

HM Land Registry has continued to experience significantly higher levels of intake above the level forecast month by month during 2016/17, despite post-Brexit predictions of reduced activity in the housing market.

Recent reports have indicated an increase in applications for England and Wales from 30,372,360.00 in 2015/16 to 31,836,030 in 2016/17 (registered properties). Services more than 31 million applications, fulfilling the requirements of the 2002 Land Registration Act.  Applications (excluding bulk registrations) has risen from 94% to 94.8%.

Customer overall satisfaction has dropped slightly in the 2016/17 indicator at 90.3%, averaging a drop of 3-7% over the past 3 years.

The Land Registry has made reference that by the end March 2018 it will complete registrations of all applications within 5 days and all new title applications within 25 days which the exception of some applications.  They are also hopeful they can create a list of the unregistered public estate in conjunction with the Government Property Unit and to agree a strategy for reducing requisition rates and refunds for cancellations.

Having a dedicated team at H M Land Registry allows Tollers to progress your matter better and provide the level of service clients desire.

Talk to Tollers for all your buying and selling property needs.

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