From Sceptic To Believer

Date Added 03.02.17

A Northamptonshire man, who endured eight hours of surgery on his knees after being hit by a car that failed to stop at a junction, said “I was sceptical about making a claim for my injuries.  I don’t believe people are automatically entitled to money for nothing”.

Mr B was a young, active man who had his life turned upside down through no fault of his own. He has been left with muscle wastage, metal plates and pins in his knees and is likely to undergo future knee replacement surgery.

Mr B says “before the accident, I was very active enjoying normal activities such as playing with my son, playing sports and walking my dog. Following the accident, I found being in a full leg cast for two and a half months very restrictive and frustrating. I am still unable to run but things are now much better than they were”.

Mr B has agreed to us sharing his experiences in the hope it may help others if they are injured through no fault of their own and to, hopefully, persuade them to seek compensation. He says “my wife and my mother persuaded me to talk to Tollers about the accident and making a claim. The injuries I suffered were completely life changing. From the outset, Tollers were professional.  They never made extravagant claims about the level of compensation I would receive. They were focused on obtaining a medical report, explaining the injuries I had suffered, to arrange rehabilitation. They then arranged rehabilitation at a private medical centre close to my work. The other driver’s insurers wanted to switch me to a cheaper medical facility and, on my behalf, Tollers objected with the insurers agreeing to pay my medical bill in full”.

“My injuries are completely life changing. The compensation Tollers obtained for me has helped to pay for rehabilitation and specialist equipment, such as knee braces, to help me achieve as much independence as possible. Without their assistance, this would not have been available to me otherwise”.

Despite the other driver’s insurers not admitting liability, we won Mr B’s claim settling the same for £135,000. From initially being sceptical about making a claim, Mr B is now a believer that everyone requires proper legal representation to enable them to make, and be successful, in a claim. Mr B says “Tollers were excellent, the only frustrations I had with the case were the other side. Tollers were unfailingly polite even when I was being impatient. They kept me informed throughout the case”.

If you have been a victim of a road traffic accident either as a driver, a passenger or as Mr B, a pedestrian, then Talk to Tollers. We can help you claim compensation to pay for rehabilitation, aids and home adaptions. Call 0333 414 9123 or email personalinjury@tollers.co.uk.

We are not Personal Injury Lawyers by accident!

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