Four day working week trial to take place in the UK…

Date Added 18.01.22

As you will no doubt have seen in the news, the Government announced yesterday, that the UK is going to trial a four day working week. More than 30 companies are taking part in a six month pilot. The pilot will start in June and the aim is to see if employees can work with 100% productivity and effectiveness, over 80% of the time and still receive their full-time salary.  According to previous research, 78% of staff are reported as being happier and less stressed by adopting this work pattern.

What does this mean to you?

If this pilot scheme becomes something that applies to all employers, then employers will need to consider the following:-

  1. Updating employment contracts to change the employee’s working time;
  2. Having systems in place to monitor productivity; or
  3. Updating or adding new policies.

A lot of employers have already had to change the way in which they monitor productivity and the way in which their staff force work, due to the pandemic with a lot of staff working from home, or more flexibly.  Businesses may also have to give consideration as to how they balance the business needs, for example, that there is sufficient staff cover in place to effectively run the business. Employee welfare may also need to be considered and systems put in place to manage any potential employee burnout.

What do you think about this announcement?

With companies already having to adapt the way in which they work due to the pandemic and a lot more staff working remotely or more flexibly, what do you think? Is this something that you think could benefit your employees without too much disruption to your business. Perhaps you feel that one day less a week in the business would have a detrimental impact on the running of it. Are you concerned that your staff may suffer a burnout?

Talk to Tollers…

If this is something that you think will impact you or your business, or you want to know more…Talk to Tollers on 01604 258558 our employment team is here for you, to guide you through and provide the latest legal advice.

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