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About Family Law

At Tollers Solicitors and Simmonds Grant part of Tollers, we believe Family Law requires a very different approach to many of the other areas of Law we practise.

In our extensive experience, taking a less aggressive approach to handling family legal matters often achieves a far more positive outcome. Wherever possible, we want to minimise conflict and instead focus on mediation and communication between the parties.

Naturally, some cases need urgent and immediate action and where appropriate we shall not hesitate to go to court to defend and protect our clients’ interests.

Our team is sensitive to the emotional upheaval divorce, separation and financial disputes can cause.  We  always have your best interests at heart and advise you accordingly keeping you fully informed, up to date with developments and with any costs implications.  So with Tollers you will always know where you stand legally and financially.

For an initial appointment for up to an hour and a half, for a fixed sum of £120 (offer available for Family Law advice only), please contact Tollers LLP. We guarantee that you will leave this initial appointment better informed about your legal rights and responsibilities and with a sense of direction as to how to move matters on and the options to move matters to a resolution
To arrange an appointment during office hours, please call:
Northampton/Milton Keynes: 01604 258558
Kettering/Corby: 01536 276727
Oakham: 01572 756866
If out of office hours, please click here.


Divorce is the legal process of ending a marriage and is only open to couples who have been married for more than a year. As the law stands, you must prove that your marriage has irretrievably broken down due to one of the following:

  • Your spouse has committed adultery and you find it intolerable to live with them.
  • Your spouse has behaved in a way that you can’t reasonably be expected to live with them.
  • Your spouse has deserted you for more than two years.
  • You have already lived apart for more than two years and your spouse consents to the divorce.
  • You have lived apart continuously for more than five years.

Divorce - Tollers SolicitorsYou can resolve any other financial matters before or after Decree Absolute, but you’re only free to remarry after Decree Absolute


The legal position of people living with their partner often seems unclear. Many believe they have the same legal rights as a married person. This is not true. 

Increasingly, couples are choosing to make a formal legal agreement about the terms of their relationship. While this may seem cynical to some, a co-habitation contract makes good sense in many cases – especially when it comes to the home that you share. At Tollers, we can outline the main areas where issues may arise and suggest ways to avoid potential pitfalls. 

This type of contract is useful because both partners have to think seriously about what each wants from the relationship and work out compromises. A contract can help couples avoid misunderstandings, as each knows where they stand.

Cohabitation - Tollers Solicitors

It’s also a useful way to decide what happens if the relationship ends, which can save a lot of anguish and bitterness down the line. 

Financial Settlement

If you and your partner or spouse agree maintenance and how to divide property and other assets, then it is not usually necessary for you to attend court. At Tollers, we will always try to help you resolve any financial issues by agreement first, advising on what would be considered a fair and reasonable settlement.

Financial Settlement - Tollers Solicitors

If you can reach an agreement, we can help turn it into a legally binding arrangement. If you cannot, it may be necessary to involve the court.

Family Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary process that aims to help a couple find a mutually agreeable solution about their separation, finances, and children.  Mediation gives you and your partner or spouse control of the outcome and avoids handing the decision to a court, which may impose a solution that neither of you consider appropriate. 

Mediation is particularly useful for couples with children or complicated financial affairs. It’s also an effective way to limit the bitterness, distress and cost, often experienced in drawn-out contested divorce and financial proceedings.   

It is now compulsory (except in limited circumstances) for anyone applying to the family court in relation to money or children, to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM), to consider whether your matter is suitable for mediation or some other ‘out of court’ resolution.

If you think mediation is appropriate, you and your partner or spouse will need to attend an informal meeting explaining the mediation process.

The mediator is entirely independent and works towards achieving a resolution acceptable to both parties.

To download our mediation document click on the button below.

Family Medidation - Tollers SolicitorsFamily Meditation

Deed of Separation

Even though your marriage may have irretrievably broken down, you may decide not to start divorce proceedings straight away but still wish to formalise your separation.

This means drawing up a Separation Deed or Agreement. This is a contract voluntarily agreed to by both partners, which deals with all aspects of the separation.

Another option is, a Judicial Separation which is very similar to divorce, except you’re not free to remarry. It gives the court the power to make orders about children, property and other financial matters. 

Deed of Seperation - Tollers Solicitors

While Judicial Separations are uncommon, they can be used if one partner objects to divorce on religious grounds, or if a couple have been married for under a year.

Civil Partnership and Same Sex Marriages

Same-sex couples who register their partnership under the Civil Partnerships Act 2004 have many of the same rights, privileges and legal redress, as married couples enjoy.

If the relationship breaks down, registered partnerships also have the same financial remedies currently available to couples who divorce. This gives the courts the power, for example, to make maintenance, property, lump sum, and pension sharing orders.

There are also other provisions dealing with child maintenance assessments, immigration and nationality, employment and pension benefits on death, and fatal accident compensation. On entering a civil relationship a pre-existing will becomes void so you’ll need to make a new one.

Civil Partnership - Tollers Solicitors

The experience we’ve gained over the years means we have the sensitivity, empathy, skills and knowledge to advise on the breakdown of a same sex relationship.

Child Support and Maintenance

The Child Maintenance is the financial support, that one parent pays to the other for their children when they are separated.  If you can agree the amount of support that is to be paid between yourselves, that is encouraged and is called 'a family based arrangement'.  You may then be able to have your agreement incorporated into a court order.

Child Support and Maintenance Claims

If you cannot agree on the amount of support to be paid, the Child Maintenance Service now deals with all new cases.  The calculation takes into account the non-residential parent’s gross income, any pension contributions they make, the number of nights their children stay overnight with them and whether there are any other children living in the non-residential parent's home eg step children.  

Child Arrangements

If there is a dispute about where children should live, then either party can apply for a Child Arrangement Order (previously called Residence or Contact Orders) to confirm who the primary carer is and how much time children will spend with each parent.

Child Arrangements Claims- Tollers Solicitors

To change a child’s surname, you will need to get permission from all those who have parental responsibility for the child. If they agree, there is no issue. However, if they object, then you’ll have to apply to the court


If you are planning to marry or enter into a civil partnership, you may want to consider a pre-nuptial agreement. An increasingly popular arrangement for many couples, a pre-nuptial agreement sets out what you and your future spouse or civil partner agree should happen to your finances if your relationship breaks down and you separate.

Even though pre-nuptial agreements are now much more common, they are not legally binding. However, the courts will take them into consideration if there have been no significant events, such as the birth of a child or a serious illness.

Pre-Nup - Tollers Solicitors

Our Family Law Team has drafted numerous pre-nuptial agreements and will be able to advise you on the pros and cons of entering into a ‘pre-nup’ and what the implications might be. That way, you can decide if it’s right for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Simon made sure that all of our queries and all of our requirements were met and was very much on our side when it came to negotiating the terms of our lease.  We would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

    Matrix Gymnastics Academy Ltd
  • Simon Massey was superb throughout.

    Winston Holdings Ltd
  • Tollers handled our legal dispute, which lasted 2 years, exceptionally well.  Tom Kings in particular was extremely helpful and patient - did a great job in securing our settlement.  Many thanks.

  • A first class and friendly service.

    Mr A Darnell
  • Rebecca List represented and advised Check4Cancer in 2016-2017 regarding an alleged case of unfair dismissal raised by the former Managing Director. I worked very closely with Rebecca who took our own evidence and turned into the official bundle with great attention to detail. In the time before the preliminary hearing, Rebecca made us aware of the likely scenarios and managed our expectations in a professional yet caring manner. In addition, she handled repeated attempts by the Claimant to disrupt the process with a firm and effective approach. Following the final hearing in September 2017, we were delighted by the judgement that rejected the claim for unfair dismissal. This was largely due to Rebecca’s thorough preparation and understanding of the case, which led to the judge documenting that our evidence “was consistent and should be favoured”. Attendance at an employment tribunal exposes small companies to a process that is alien and stressful, but Rebecca worked closely with us to manage out concerns and make that process as smooth as possible. Rebecca combines great attention to detail with a drive and ambition to be one of the best in her field of employment law, while looking after her clients in a caring yet professional manner. As a result, I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to any company that requires expert advice on any aspect of employment law.

    Professor Gordon Wishart (Chief Medical Officer) Check4Cancer Limited
  • I have used the services of Tollers and particularly worked with Rebecca for more than 10 years.  Rebecca consistently offers prompt and pragmatic HR practitioner advice rather than 'legal speak' and has been a key part in our ER approach.

    Deborah Parker (Director of HR and HSEQ Transport UK) XPOLogistics
  • Many thanks again for making a difficult situation easy for us to deal with. It’s a pleasure to have an affable and personable solicitor at the helm!

    K. Allen
  • Thanks once again for all of your help, you have been super-efficient and I won't hesitate to recommend you and use Tollers again.

    Mrs A
  • Just wanted to say thank you for dealing with my land purchase so efficiently.  This is the first time that I have purchased land and was referred to you by a colleague.  The purchase went well very thanks to your attention to detail.  I personally liked your approachability, the way in which you explained everything and the speed with which you responded to my queries.  I would definitely recommend you.

    S. Weston
  • I have to say that you managed to turn a relatively complex and difficult transaction into a simple and effective process.  No doubt I will need legal assistance in the future and no doubt, I will call you first.

    T. Shea
  • My wife and I instructed David Ralley - Davies of Tollers Solicitors to handle the conveyance of our house. The conveyance involved the sale of a Grade 2 listed house with various historic planning consents, a split of title to form a building plot which we retained, and the sale of two paddocks which involved a number of restrictive covenants & rights of way, and all of course having to be dealt with to meet a quick completion date.

    David efficiently and speedily dealt with the conveyance, to my amazement answered emails often in the late evening, and chased the other parties to get the job done, and kept us updated.

    M & L Hutchings
  • David, thank you for your advice on our recent commercial property overage agreement.  Turning this around in 24 hours enabled us to exchange in a timely manner.  Your understanding of what seemed a complex document made it so much easier for us to interpret, providing the information which enabled us to make an informed decision, again many thanks.

    G. Bellman
  • Mandy Stark and Danielle Hull were both very professional and helpful at all times.

    J Adam
  • David Wootton was recommended to us and we knew we were in the hands of a true professional guiding us through buying and selling our property.

    S Stanhope
  • I want to say a big thank you for the help and advice Katie has provided me with over the past years.  Having spoken to other people about their divorce experience it became quite a frightening process to have to face and one that I never thought I would need to go through.


    Katie made the whole experience very easy and straight forward right from the start.  I knew exactly what to expect in a worst case scenario.  After speaking with other people going through the same experience they didn't think their solicitor had given the correct advice and at the end of the divorce felt they could have done better.


    I am so pleased Katie represented me with my matters, as I feel her experience and professionalism was second to none.  Thank you for the advice, thank you for being there when I was unsure and thank you for your honesty, frankness and reassurance.


    I would have no hesitation in recommending Katie to any of my friends or family.

    Mr L
  • My thanks to Francesca Humphries for her sympathetic and professional handling of my equity release, very pleased.

    Mr Barker
  • New home card a lovely touch - Moving home is stressful enough, but it helps when you have professionals like Angela and Mandy making things as smooth as possible.  A credit to Tollers.

  • They changed my opinion of solicitors from negative to positive.

    Mr Jeltsch
  • First rate experience - our Wills are now much improved, clearer, more robust.  Chris Lucas was very professional, very clear, very patient.

    Mr and Mrs Marshall
  • I just wanted to say thank you, from myself and on behalf of my sister, for all the help that Chris provided over the past few months.  I could not have done it without him and every step of the way he has been very helful.  Chris made it pain-free and very easy.

    I would highly recommend Chris to anyone and would happily work with him again though perhaps in better circumstances!

    Mr S McGee
  • Excellent and friendly service.  Available all the time and easy to contact.  No problem was to small.

    Mr M Turner
  • A friendly and well informed service from start to finish.  Always happy to help and no question is silly if you are unsure.  Many thanks and I would definitely recommend.

    Miss J Cousins
  • Tollers LLP were with me all the way, they were exceptionally professional and got me the best possible outcome on my claim.

    Mr S McKee
  • I have enjoyed talking to the team and you have always been so helpful and friendly.

    B. Gee
  • You are excellent, hard to improve on that. Excellent service to ma as before on previous buy.  My broker said you were the best he had dealt with.

    Mr M Jordan
  • I received excellent service from Tollers.  Very supportive and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Mr P Clayton
  • I found the service at Tollers very good, clear advice was give and I would recommend the service to anyone.

    Mr M Begley
  • Professional, informative, sensitive and caring, I couldn’t for anything more - brilliant.  Thank you.

    Mr N Meadowcroft
  • Excellent personal service.  I had never before had to do something so grown up!  Cathy Kindly guided me the whole way through without ever making me feel patronised.  Many thanks Cathy @ Tollers.

    Mrs R Fairley
  • An excellent service was provided with timely and professional efficiency. 

    Mr A Young
  • Sian has been the most amazing conveyancing solicitor.  Seeing as she was first instructed in March and we only completed the purchase today this has required a lot of patience on her part. We went through adding family members to the purchase, family illness, risk of redundancy, the seller’s chain falling through, major leaks at the property, a price reduction, a pushy estate agent, urgent exchange when the seller threatened to withdraw and finally an odd situation on the final day with the managing company documents. Throughout it all Sian was supportive and reassuring, and protected our legal interests with her matter of fact, calm approach.  Every seller and purchaser needs a solicitor like Sian.

    Mrs C Ellis
  • Thank you for your assistance, responsiveness and support in facilitating my son's first house purchase.  All in all, a very good experience.

    M McEvitt
  • Sharon brown helped me with understanding and experience when I needed to re-write my will. I so appreciated her patience and pro-active suggestions of choices which enabled me to reach the best conclusions.

    Mrs T C
  • Francesca and her colleague Louise were excellent.  They dealt with our purchase in a swift manner and always answered our calls straight away.  Francesca was very professional and we are so pleased she dealt with our conveyancing. She is a fantastic Solicitor.

  • You all helped make our house move run so smoothly!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the sale so seamless.  We appreciate everything you have all done for us.

  • If it was not for Tollers professionalism, plain determination, skills and knowledge, myself and my children would be homeless and denied their inheritance and settlement. I am so grateful, elated and completely satisfied to have seen this through with them. Tollers kept me going through difficult and uncertain times. I highly recommend Tollers. I never thought I could contest a Will. Tollers have given me my life back.

    C. Hutchings
  • We would not hesitate to use Tollers again in the future. They have been really helpful and efficient, going out of their way to come to the hospital when my husband was taken ill. 

    Mr and Mrs Richardson
  • STG Holdings has worked with Liz Appleyard for several years.  Over that time Liz has assisted with a variety of legal matters including franchise support, drafting agreements and contracts and through Tollers’ commercial services team, dispute resolution and employment support.  Liz always provides prompt and expert advice, at price that is affordable

    M Cave - STG Holdings
  • Absolutely wonderful service and so helpful.  Would always use Tollers.

    Mr R P Banks
  • Rebecca was really responsive and made the whole experience very calm during a worrying time.

    Mr S Reardon
  • We have worked with Rebecca and her team for many years and have always found that the level of advice and support we receive is excellent no matter how big or small the query may be. Being kept abreast of important changes to employment law and just knowing that we can pick up the phone and receive professional advice that can always be relied upon is very reassuring. For an SME like ourselves a quick but thorough response is required and this is exactly the service that we receive from Rebecca and Tollers. In summary the biggest compliment that we can pay Tollers is that we advise our own customers and suppliers that Tollers HR package represents some of the best value for money that we spend each year.

    Paul Clapp (Factory Manager) CCI International
  • Tollers have been working with TCP for the past 7 years.  They offer a practical and commercial business support and help with ensuring that TCP are up to date and fully compliant with all of our employment responsibilities.  Tollers are very calm, considered and commercial and I would recommend their services to similar enterprises.

    Kevin Nolan (General Manager Operations) Technical Consumer Products Ltd
  • Rebecca always brings a human element and perspective to her legal advice helping us solve personnel challenges in a pragmatic and sensible way. 

    Nick Dormon (Managing Director) Echo
  • In my role as General Manager of Northamptonshire Credit Union, I have worked with Rebecca for the last two years. She has supported us on a range of HR issues and always provides straightforward, easy to understand advice, with ongoing support as and when we need it. Rebecca has also helped us with a full review of our HR policies, helping us to ensure our business is complying with the necessary legal requirements. Having access to a fully qualified, HR expert is extremely valuable to a business of our size and I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca and the team at Tollers.

    James (General Manager) Northamptonshire Credit Union
  • As a small business, which doesn’t have the luxury of an HR/legal department, we are so grateful to have the support of Tollers when we require it. They’re practical, supportive and quick to respond, which is critical in a fast moving business environment. We see them as an important part of our team and would recommend them highly!

    Rachel Vincent VincentStokes
  • We have worked with Rebecca and her team since June 2015.  She has been invaluable in assisting us to put in place a wide variety of procedures concerning our employees, everything from discussing the best HR process to put in place and how best to follow this process, reviewing letters, dealing with employee disputes right through to advising on dismissal.  Rebecca has an excellent understanding of our industry and her help and support have assisted us in various commercial decisions we have had to make. 

    McManus Pub Company
  • Rebecca has provided us with an excellent, professional and responsive service which is high quality and demonstrates a good understanding of our organisational need and culture.

    Sam Anthony (Head of HR and OD) Fenland District Council
  • Since starting as Finance Director at Chiltern Cold Storage two years ago, we have used the Tollers HR package for both the provision of HR advice, as well as underwriting any Industrial Tribunal costs should this ever be necessary.

    Whilst we have not needed the Industrial Tribunal insurance policy, we have regularly used the provision of HR advice on areas as diverse as redundancies, restructuring, contracts, employment disputes and disciplinary issues.  The advice given has always been provided in a prompt, friendly yet professional manner and has made a major difference to the way in which we have been able to manage our business and run our operations.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Tollers service to others, especially where a business is too small to justify its own HR department

    Paul Jephcott (Finance Director) Chiltern Cold Stroage Group Ltd
  • Throughout 10 years dealing with Rebecca and Tollers on our HR issues, it has alwats been easy, simple and professional.  Rebecca has guided Profoil through some, at times, very difficult HR decisions and in particular with the constant changing HR laws we have today.

    From a simple employment contract to our more complex employment issues, Rebecca has remained responsive, supportive, competent and committed to resolving our issues efficiently and effectively.

    We see Rebecca and Tollers as a very important support network to our company.

    Colin Deans MBE Profoil Limited
  • We have worked with Rebecca and Tollers for morethan 5 years and she is out go to person for complex employment law issues.  She is well-liked by me and my team, responsive and uses her knowledge and experience to develop pragmatic options and advice which takes account of organisational context.

    Rebecca is an excellent and very professional advocate who cuts through detail to develop very clear and effective arguments.  She is clearly passionate about her work and determined to get the best possible results for us, including cost-minimisation.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca and the quality of her work to organisations in the public and private sector.

    Susan Gardner-Craig (Head of People and Organisational Development) South Cambridgeshire District Council
  • I have used the services for a number of years.  Cathy Eaton is exceptional, very friendly and very professional.

    Mrs P A Collier
  • Cathy Eaton dealt with our matter very efficiently and actually helped us save money with regards to not requiring probate for my late father, having been bequested a small sum of money from another relative, to which we are very grateful.

    Mrs J Elms
  • I have dealt with Tollers for the last 2 years.  Firstly with Sally Smith regarding Family law and more recently with your team, in particular Angela Aitken.  In all instances I have been so well looked after, with really good advice that was personal enough to make me feel comfortable but professional enough to make me feel as though I was in safe hands.

    I think that Tollers offer a service which feels like it is a local, smaller company but with the professionalism that I would expect from a larger company.  For me, that is exaclty what I both needed and hoped for.

    Please pass on special thanks to Angela from me, she is a credit to your team.

    A. Faulkner
  • We would like to say a very big thank you for all of your advice on our matter, you have been very helpful throughout our contact with you and your staff have also been excellent.

    Mr and Mrs E
  • Thank you so much for all your hard work over the year sorting out my late mothers Will and Estate.  I would like to thank Mrs Eaton very much for all of her hard work.

    Mrs J Porter
  • A very high level of service was provided by all persons that we spoke to at Tollers throughout the matter.

    Mr J Mallender
  • My wife and I are very pleased with the exemplary service provided by Tollers.

    Mr and Mrs Mallender
  • Meghna was our main point of contact throughout a very problematic sale/purchase - she has been amazing, very helpful and always prompt in responding to my queries and provided clear and thorough advice.

    Miss L McCormack
  • Fees are very reasonable for the work carried out.  I would also like to add a particular word of praise for Meghna Desai, she had just the right blend of brisk professionalism and friendliness and I wish her every success in the future.

    Mrs D Marchant
  • Special thanks to Sian and Lindsey for all their hard work to complete this case.

    Mr K S
  • Superb services with a great outcome.  Very friendly and professional staff, I would use them again if required.

    Ms S Hedges
  • Would recommend Rebecca to anyone, really good service.

    Mrs R Camper
  • Gary gave professional advice promptly and diligently - I like his style - Objective!

    Mr C Plant
  • Very efficient, very informative service provided by Kirsty.

    Mr D Warnes
  • I wish to thank you for your assistance in getting my case resolved without having to go to Court. Not only did this negate the need for further legal cost, but it gave me peace of mind much earlier than expected. May I express my gratitude and thanks for your expertise and professionalism.

    Mrs Samuel
  • I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the hard work and advice you have given over the last 15 months, as I genuinely feel that without your knowledge and assistance I would not have achieved the required result.


    I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I come across in the future.

    Mr G
  • I cannot fault Leonie, she was not only helpful but very quick at getting letters out.  She was fantastic in her service and I would recommend her to anyone.  Even when she went on holiday there was someone there to deal with it, great service by all.

    Mrs N
  • I would like to say a big 'Thank you' for your efficient and excellent service provided during the most upsetting time of my life.

    Mrs 'C'
  • Great serivice by Tollers Solicitors. 

    I needed my Franchise Agreement checked and Tollers are experienced in this area.  I sent the agreement to Ayesha in advance of our meeting and she had reviewed the document in detail.

    Our meeting was straight forward, we sat and went through the agreement, Ayesha had highlighted the items that I should be aware of and that I should query back to my Franchisor.

    All my questions were answered on the spot, indicating professionalism and experience.

    I would use Tollers again if needed.

    Neeta Patel
  • Since working with Tollers I have been extremely pleased with the support and guidance provided by Rebecca and her team.  I found Rebecca to be highly professional and very approachable.  She was always prompt in returning calls and emails in respect to advice I was seeking, providing clear and precise instructions.  I have total confidence in Rebecca and would highly recommend Tollers in the Future.  A first class service, thank you.

    Mrs D Field, (Hr Advisor) Smurfit kappa T/A Smurfit Kappa CRP
  • "I commend Mr Kings for his succinct method of expression both in verbal and written transfer of information. He is proficient in identifying the salient points of the matter at hand, is prompt in performance and his fee's are fair".

    Mr James Robert Dixon
  • Just wanted to say thank you so much for your professionalism and efficiency on the work you did for me regarding my re-mortgage especially as it was such sort notice.  The mortgage completed on Friday and I have made my payment today for the outstanding invoice.

    R Cooper
  • I have nothing but praise for the help and advice I received in the redrafting of my Will.  The whole matter was dealt with quickly and efficiently by your skilled staff. Thank you.

    Mr M H Hall
  • The service I had from Tonina Ashby was truly excellent customer service.

    Mrs J M Lewis
  • The service I received was fantastic from start to finish and I would not hestitate to recommend Tollers.

    Mr D J Harris
  • We could not fault the whole process of writing our Wills and were extremely impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of Tonina Ashby.

    Mr and Mrs N Brook
  • Thank you for your excellent service in helping us to complete our Wills and the LPAs.  it was always going to be difficult with our problems, but you guided us through the process and made it seem less of a problem for which we are very grateful.  Thank you again.

    Mr and Mrs Gibson
  • From the moment I walked through the door everyone from the receptionists to Steve were professional, courtous and friendly.  Very quick, efficient service.

    Ms J S King
  • Cathy was very understanding and helped me through making my Will.  Very helpful nothing was to much trouble.

    Mr R U Queeley
  • I am very pleased with the service I received.

    Mr D S Markham
  • We consulted Tollers for advice in the preparation of our Wills, that needed to have some unusal clauses included.  Martin was Excellent.  His manner, personality and ability to quickly understand our requirements was exceptionally good. Legal wording was explained clearly.

    Mr D Elson
  • In all aspects of my dealing with various departments of Tollers I have been very satified with the advice I have been given.

    Mr R.F. Stanyon
  • Excellent service provided.  Very friendly and helpful.  Thank you.

    Mr and Mrs A Parsons
  • "Our Solicitor did a great job in firstly being successful in our case. The service she provided was great and she kept us updated at each stage of our claim. Overall we were very satisfied with the service we received".

    Sarah Toney
  • "I would like to express my appreciation to Tollers Solicitors and especially a big thank you to Mr Holdom and your team which did a great job! I'm fully satisfied with the result and I can confirm that I received the full sum of compensation to my account".

    Client wishes to remain annonymous
  • We have used Tollers's twice now for both a first time purchase and for a sale and purchase of a new house. I could not recommend them highly enough, Cheryl Hawkins and her team are great! They are all always very efficient and provide service to the highest of standards, we will continue to use Tollers's for all of our house moves in the future and would recommend them to everyone.

    Mr M Long
  • I wanted to thank David for all his hard work with helping me with the transfer of titles. 


    The service offered was fantastic. I will certainly recommend friends and family in the future.

    L S
  • Tom was very friendly and helpful in my case. Tom would take the time to explain in great details the options available. As a professional I felt Tom warmth helped me to come to terms with a difficult ending in the case.

    T Flux
  • "Your service was excellent. Always kept informed with updates of what was happening."

    Mrs Freda Ann Daroux
  • "Many thanks for all you have done. My only comment would be to say continue your good work and thank you once again."

    Client, Northampton
  • 'Tollers provided a First Class service. The whole process made a difficult situation easier to deal with. Transparent from start to finish for fees, guidance and support. Not once did I feel any part of the process was unnecessary and due to their expertise my inheritance was finally paid to me after 6 years. Outstanding!'

    Sarah Gibson
  • "I was more than pleased with the fantatsic service provided by Louisa, she always kept me informed about my case and achieved a great result!"

    Client testimonial
  • "So happy with how my claim was dealt with. Karen was friendly, helpful and professional. I will be recommending Tollers to family and friends".

    Happy Client
  • "I specifically searched for a company who were more experienced with children. Even though it's been a long process, it has been well worth it. My daughter now has a secure start to adulthood. My Solicitor was excellent, he really helped, especially with liasing with the Court last year during a family bereavement, which did delay proceedings for a while. In a way this was for the best, as my daughters symptoms continued outside the time scale of the doctors opinion, so Tollers were able to secure Eleanor a little bit (a lot to us!) more money. Thank you all, but especially to Nick Davis who has helped a lot along the way".

    R Seabright
  • "Veronica dealt with my claim in the most sensitive way showing concern and patience.

    Once again my thanks and gratitude for your professional manner and determination in negotiating my claim".

    Rita Gee
  • “Tollers were absolutely fantastic! The communication was brilliant, they would send a letter out to me and then give me a call to tell me it was on its way. If I called and Mr Boobyer wasn’t available then a colleague of his would help me or he would call me straight back, even his secretary was brilliant. The communication stayed consistent throughout the case. Never a break down and I never had to chase them. I really couldn’t fault them. If ever I had a problem understanding the paperwork David would explain it, he and his team are all very understanding, I would give them 150 out of 100 and would definitely recommend them.”

  • "Superb, I am very happy with how Stephanie dealt with my case".

    Mr Shurety, High Wycombe
  • If you are considering which firm of solicitors to choose, then you can do no better than to select Tollers.  I have been a client for almost 9 years and feel better qualified than most to comment as I have relied on various people within the company to help me.

    Firstly, I needed help to make a Will and to rearrange my affairs after the death of my husband in 2007.  Barry Rogers was my first point of contact.  After  that Barry helped me to arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney for my disabled brother following the death of our mother, and he is now a trustee and joint Attorney for him.

    In 2013, I bought the property next to mine and relied on the valuable services of David Wootton and his team to complete the purchase.

    Most recently, I have been fortunate enough to have the help of Julie Yates.  As Senior Probate Manager, she organised Lasting Powers of Attorney for my aunt in Worcestershire.  For me, Tollers are unrivalled in their services and I have less happy experiences with other firms of solicitors to make a comparison, so my judgement is not just based on emotional criteria but on those of efficiency, clarity, probity and empathy.  Yes, one pays for the service, but you can trust everyone you deal with and there is a warmth and compassion from all those who are involved.

    Barry Rogers is like a rock in the background for me and that is hugely important, especially when you are making important decisions alone and on behalf of those you love.  His advice is always clear and honest and he is most patient and tolerant when I change my mind about things and cause extra work.

    Julie Yates visted my late uncle and aunt in Worcestershire in order to prepare the Powers of Attorney for them. Following the death of my uncle, she has continued to provide support to my aunt at my request and I cannot praise her enough for her work, which went well beyond the call of duty.

    Lastly, it is no exaggeration to say that I will rely on Tollers to continue to look after my affairs beyond my lifetime.  My brothers affairs are in their charge and I have absolute faith in that.  It reassures me to know that, as a vulnerable adult, he will be protected by people in whom I have absolute trust.  There can be no higher praise than that.

    J Hand
  • Each time I have used Tollers it has always been up to their high standards, with sound advice, willing to listen and answer my questions in a fully understandable way. 

    Mr A G B-C
  • I feel priviledged to be a client of Tollers.  To always receive such expert advice and to be treated with the utmost courtesy and kindness is indeed invaluable.

    Mrs A Lewis
  • The quality of service received was excellent.  All detail was thoroughly explained and calls were dealt with promptly.  My recommendation of Tollers would be extremely high.

    Mr A C
  • I would like to thank Roger for his expertise, hard work and persistence, it's much appreciated!

    Mr Longley, Bedford
  • "I would like to thank Tristan for everything he has done for me."

    Mrs Underwood, Northampton
  • "Just a big thanks to Karen."

    Mr Travis, West Yorkshire
  • Each time we have had to commission your services the level of service, attention to detail and guidance provided has, without fail, been outstanding.  Thank you.

    Manor School Sports College
  • "From my first meeting with your associate, I was treated with sensitivity at a difficult time. All questions were answered promptly and full explanations given when needed.

    I had total confidence in Tollers and can never thank her enough for everything she did."

    C. Lavery
  • "I was very impressed with the first class service I received from your company, from the initial contact to the subsequent closure of my file.

    The solicitor handling my case was understanding and sympathetic of my situation and was expedient with the processing of the correspondence. She was professional and very approachable at all times"

    Mr Terrence Vincent Ryan
  • "I am 100% satisfied with the compensation for my claim. I would like to thank Tollers for the hard work that they put into my claim. I will not heitate to use you for any legal matters that I may have in the future and would not hesitate recommending you to any of my family or friends, you've done a wonderful job."

    Leslie Wren, Milton Keynes
  • "Darren Conway, thank you so much for acting for me and for your total professionalism" 

    Ms L
  • "Excellent Service! Paul Morrison is a complete professional. Thank you!"

    Mrs Melkhova, London
  • Martin listened, reflected, advised and gave options where appropriate.  He provided excellent advice and support, he was pleasant, smiled and business like and was confident, experienced and knowledgeable.

    Mr and Mrs O
  • Tollers Solicitors and in particular Martin Hill can be recommended for their personal attitude in dealing with our matters.  Mr Hill was patient and understanding, dealing with us efficiently, but respectfully.  Thank you for your help.

    Mr and Mrs B.M.
  • Mrs Dodman patiently answered any questions I had regarding my estate - She made herself available to talk at any time. I had a very good experience with Tollers.

    Mrs J.P.
  • "I am so pleased Tristan was my case worker. He was so helpful and understanding".

    Miss Vine, Kettering
  • I would just like to thank Roger Reed for all of his help. The advice that I received was clear and accurate and Roger was an excellent listener.

    Mr Crawford, Kettering
  • Cheryl Hawkins recently acted for my wife and I in our sale and purchase. The whole transaction went through very smoothly and I was impressed with the professional and informative attitude of Cheryl and her team. We were regularly updated as to the progression of the sale and purchase and Cheryl and her team managed to take away some of the stress which usual accompanies a house move. We are delighted with our new property and would not hesitate in recommending Cheryl and Tollers to friends and relatives.

    Ben and Una Foden
  • Thank you so much for all of your help with the purchase of my first home.  I very much appreciate the speed and professionalism in the conveyancing you provided, thank you.

    Mr F Barrean
  • Very helpful, friendly and provided great advice.

    Miss K Boddington
  • Talking about dying, final wishes and wills is not a favourite topic.  With professionalism, advice and great humour Nicola guided us through and made the process as easy as it can be.  you don't want to do this to often, but would happily repeat it, if needed, with such a super helper.  Thank you.

    Ms and Ms Sweetser
  • Having used Tollers for my divorce a few years ago, I had no hesitation in going back when my partner and I wanted to set up our wills.  Excellent service as always. Thank you.

    Mr and Mrs Jolly
  • Many people do not make a will and should, Tollers are a helpful solicitors practice who have made the process very easy.  Thank you.

    Mr and Mrs McNab
  • Efficient and Friendly service, thank you.

    Mr and Mrs Sanderson
  • It was a joy to have someone explain my very complicated options for my Will, in plain English. Fantastic services as always, Thank you Nicola.

    Mrs C A Smith
  • I was very satisfied with the way Mr Peck dealt with my case.  He was very efficient.  

    Ms. S
  • I cannot recommend Alan enough, very calming during stressful times.

    Mrs. L.
  • Fantastic service and helpful information from Katie.  She was brilliant explaining everything to me. 


    Mrs C
  • Katie was knowledgeable, transparent and organised.  All in all an excellent service.

    Ms. G
  • Having chosen a solicitor from the internet, I did not know what to expect, but the advice given by Katie Herrod proved invaluable and was delivered in a professional manner

    Mr. H.
  • Very good service from an experienced team.  Leonie was excellent.

    Ms. C
  • "I can not fault Tristan, so well informed from the start, reception very professional and beyond their remit when I was upset. Very kind!" 

    Ms Emden-Thomas, Northampton
  • I was very pleased with the caring service I received at such a sad time.

    Mrs V Turner
  • Kristina, thank you so much for all your help and patience in seeing this through to completion, you have been a star.

    H Niemiec
  • "I received very sound advice as to the likely outcome of the case. I was kept informed on progress in a professional manner and impressed with the quality of letters to the other side."

    Mr R Green
  • "I received a great service from Anna Gardner, you were extremely thorough. Thank you"

    Annoymous, Kent
  • Mr Reed was brilliant at all times, he would always take my calls and answer any questions honestly and without the use of jargon. Very happy, thank you Mr Reed.

    Dermot Rowland, Corby
  • THANK YOU so much for your hard work, attentiveness and support.

    You are a very sweet lady – I will be back to you hopefully very soon when I purchase a place for myself!

    S Jayaram
  • Everyone at Tollers was really nice and helpful. Anna tried super hard, she really fought for me, she wasn’t going to give up.

    Natasha Brown
  • The manner in which you have brought the claim to a satisfactory conclusion was admirable. Thank you.

    Mr C
  • Nina was very helpful & professional throughout. I would like to thank her for all of her help & support in this case and for getting me the amount I deserve.

    Miss Lauren Wiltshire
  • As a client of Tollers for over 30 years, I can say without hesitation that Tollers LLP provides the highest standard of courteous, professional service, being efficient, reliable and able to offer a range of help and advice on a wide variety of legal matters.  I would without reservation recommend Tollers to anyone seeking legal advice and support

    J.L Kay (Bedford)
  • Nicola gave a first class, professional service, keeping me informed throughout.  The whole process was completed most satisfactorily.

    Mr W W Elsegood
  • Excellent service from start to finish.

    Mr Dennis
  • All of your staff who dealt with us where very plesant and helpful.

    Mr and Mrs John
  • Sally Smith provided me with a first rate service and helped me sort out my legal affairs at a very stressful time.  She dealt with me in a sympathetic and professional manner, which was much appreciated.

    Mr Cash
  • Very honest information and advice, not always what you may wish to hear but certainly what you needed to hear.

    Mr Bailey
  • Please thank Leonie for responding quickly to an unusual requirement and for giving great advice throughout.

    Mr W
  • Throughout the somewhat protracted process of my divorce, Alan's professionalism, patience and kindness never faltered.  He did not seek to antagonise but also did not allow me to be wrong footed and always calmly rose to the occasion to achieve the desired outcome. When things got really tough, it was a huge relief to know the matter was in such capable hands.  Thank you.

    Mrs T
  • Tollers = professional, Personal and Expert Advice - Great customer service. Thank you.

    Mrs J-C
  • Katie was knowledgeable, transparent and organised.  All in all an excellent service.

    Mrs K G
  • Very, very patient.  Thank you.

    Mr R-C
  • “We have worked with Tollers for 3 years now and have been really impressed with the standard of their work. The team are experts in the field of Court of Protection, and Karon Walton in particular is very passionate about this work. Karon has an amazing reputation for her efforts in this niche practice area, working closely with the COP Rules Committee and Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE). We would not hesitate to recommend the Tollers team.”

    Andrew Mcaulay - Partner at Clarion Solicitors
  • Thank you for your very helpful input and advice during this process.  You were very professional and knowledgeable, but also very supportive, warm and engaging.  I would certainly use Tollers for future legal needs.

    Mr and Mrs J Brian
  • Tollers staff were very professional and helpful.  Their good advice and updates regarding costings helped me immensely.  A very good service.

    Mr P Desmond
  • This is just to say, belatedly, how very impressed I have been in all our dealings with the quality and efficiency of the Tollers service, and also in particular with Cheryls proactive approach and general attention to detail. We would have absolutely no hesitation in coming to you again for conveyancing work. I had wondered whether the late flurry of activity around occupation ahead of completion and the damage to the garden wall would have translated into additional costs - which in the circumstances would have been entirely possible - and so we feel especially grateful for your work on those issues.

    The repairs to the wall, incidentally, were completed on Thursday, by an excellent and personable bricklayer, and we are entirely content with the result. Though the idea of a retention was resisted by the sellers, I am sure that your suggestion ensured that the works were done as speedily as possible. We have also now had a refund on our mortgage account with Nationwide.

    Mr H Cattermole
  • I was more than happy with the service I received. Mr Boobyer was very helpful and supportive

    Mrs Dixon of Northampton
  • "Tollers was recommended to me when my father passed away and left the property I lived in as a legacy to a charity. With the fear of being made homeless and my personal situation not allowing me to rent or purchase a property of my own, I was put in contact with Mr Tom Kings of Tollers. Mr Kings was very helpful and understanding at every step along the way. He kept us fully informed at every opportunity and was always available should we need him. During the four years the case was on going for, Mr Kings remained fully focused and kept us hopeful and optimistic for the future. Along the way Mr Kings worked alongside a barrister who was also exceptionally clued into the case. We cannot thank Mr Kings and Tollers enough".

    Mr V Mark
  • "I found Tollers to do an outstanding job of my professional negligence claim. They advised me clearly on matters that I did not understand and were very supportive. Thank you for all your help and support in this matter".

    M. Byfield.
  • "Tollers conducted this probate matter in a thoroughly professional manner and I was kept updated in a very timely manner as the case progressed. I found Mr Tom Kings who handled the case, to be extremely approachable and nothing was too much trouble. I always felt very comfortable with the advice given and it inspired confidence every step of the way. The matter progressed to a mediation hearing and Tollers obtained a Barrister who worked with them on the case and a satisfactory result was obtained. My case was far from straightforward and throughout the advice given was accurate and led to the case being finalised in a shorter period of time than I initially thought. I would now have no hesitation in recommending Tollers to deal with any probate dispute you may have. Thank you".

    B Preston
  • "I was uncertain about the referral as I did not know anything about the legal firm. Very quickly I realised this was a quality referral. Tollers are a firm that can compete with any other and have a wealth of experience dealing with contentious probate. Most impressed by their professional approach and thanks to this I leave this experience with integrity and self respect about my motives. Highly recommend."

    Mrs Shaw
  • "I did not know what to do about contesting my late step-father's Will, so I contacted Tollers and they returned my request for advice and my mind was put at rest. They explained in English what to do and did it. I would recommend them highly."

    Mr. Featherstone
  • Solicitors are people we think we can trust to get it right every time but there are occasions when they get it badly wrong. In my particular case I found it useful to talk about it with another unconnected professional who was able to reassure me that the service I received was not adequate together with advice about the most effective way to carry the case forward. I felt I had a strong case before I sought professional advice but after the call I feel better able to stand my corner and take the case as far as necessary. Thank you for your help

    Mr Preston
  • "From the first point of contact to the last, was done with the utmost of care. Tollers were excellent and I cannot thank them enough. I would recommend Tollers to anyone."

    Mrs Fulcher
  • "Outstanding and very friendly and supportive".

    Mr Baldwin
  • "Straight forward, prompt, professional advice given with up front costs. Would have no hesitation in recommending your services".

    A. Rowlands
  • "From the offset of our claim, we found Tollers Solicitors, very professional, efficient & helpful. At all stages of our claim we were always kept informed of the progress".

    Mr Saunders
  • Tollers are extremely able and competent solicitors with an ability to listen to their clients. 

  • "I was delighted that Tollers offered to take this case, which I had begun to think was a closed door. The service I received was always courteous, prompt and lucid. My decision to settle was ultimately based on time constraints and the very uncertain nature of outcome had I decided to proceed further. I am happy with the manner in which the case was handled and certainly would conclude that raising this dispute was worth the considerable time and trouble it took to assemble all of the necessary testimonials".

    Anya Glinski
  • Tiffany, thank you so much for all your hard work. Without you and Tom, I would never have sold my father's house.

  • "The young lady I spoke to on the phone regarding my Inheritance Act enquiry was very kind and understanding. She made me feel at ease and was very helpful".

    Mrs. Jones, North Wales
  • "I have to say that the speed and the professional advice obtained through Tollers has been held in the highest regard. It was very comforting to be helped professionally. Tollers Solicitors have acted so well, I am sure this would be of future interest to new clients requiring a solicitor's immediate help on a matter".

    B.A.R Huddersfield in W. Yorkshire
  • "I found the advice I was given was very helpful and precise. The solicitor I spoke to was very friendly and I felt comfortable while listening to the advice I was given. I recommend them highly".

    S. Hopkins
  • "My business with Tollers was of a very minor nature and yet I found them to very quick and efficient. All of the work was conducted via email and I was always confident that though I lived in Canada, Tollers was working for my best interest in the UK. My particular contact solicitor was most helpful in gathering the information I required and bundling it into an informative and easy to read letters.Thank You".

    Mr. P Brett
  • "The service we received was timely, efficient and very friendly. The advice we received was also incredibly honest. Tollers are not just a company who have an interest in being paid. Many thanks".

    A Jones
  • "The service and advice I received from your company was second to none.   It was clear and supportive, and very helpful.   If it had not been for your timely advice, I would not have known how to proceed with the my inheritance dispute".

    Susan B of Wakefield
  • A personal service was received. We felt they listened to what we wanted and gave advice without pressure.

    Mrs P Horsley
  • Tollers was recommended to me when my father passed away and left the property I lived in as a legacy to a charity. With the fear of being made homeless and my personal situation not allowing me to rent or purchase a property of my own, I was put in contact with Mr Tom Kings of Tollers. Mr Kings was very helpful and understanding at every step along the way. He kept us fully informed at every opportunity and was always available should we need him. During the four years the case was on going for, Mr Kings remained fully focused and kept us hopeful and optimistic for the future. Along the way Mr Kings worked alongside a barrister who was also exceptionally clued into the case. We cannot thank Mr Kings and Tollers enough

    Mr V Mark
  • Careful attention was given to my requirements and I was given plenty of time to consider what I should do. Meetings were conducted on a friendly helpful basis. Thank you.

    D. Bird
  • The clear, concise information I was given, made what I thought would be a complicated procedure, into a straightforward experience. Thank you very much Mr Chipperfield.

    C. Boyle Bedford
  • We would like to thank all of your staff that have dealt or are dealing with my concerns - very professional and thoughtful. Thank you.

    M. Ernest
  • Great Service and friendly but professional conversations with positive conclusions.

    A William and A Vinton
  • We wish to thank you for the excellent guidance and professional services that you rendered to my family

    A client
  • Ruth was extremely helpful from day one. Her sense of humour kept me going in what were difficult circumstances. Her advice all the way through was exceptional.

    Susan Moncur
  • Martin Hill always provides an excellent service & has shown immense kindness & consideratoin.

    D Wells
  • Very please with the service as always.

    N Herring
  • I cannot fault the professionalism & compassion shown by Nicola & Martin, who have made an unbearable situation bearable.

    S Dobbs
  • We cannot praise the firm highly enough for all the help and advice given to us. Kirstie was very exceptional and most professional in her dealings with us. A great asset to the firm.

    J & S Rigby
  • A warm welcome, made to feel comfortable.

    V Morgan
  • I and my Wife received very good service.

    F & C McDaid
  • No improvement necessary, an excellent service throughout.

    W & B Elsegood
  • First class servce at a very competitive rate.

    N Ancel
  • Mr Hill listened to us, understood what we meant & returned the points with added legal know how. It was just what we wanted.

    T Lusty & J Davies
  • Thank Ruth for her kindness & understanding at a diffucult time in her life.

    C Billing
  • Ruth Markham was so kind, understanding & patient, I can never thank her enough.

    B Jones
  • Miss Markham was never anything other than courteous in all our dealings and was very patient with any questions I had, and answered them simply in ways I could understand.

    CM Smith
  • On arrival Reception made us very welcome, Kirstie made us feel at ease and was very patient, understanding & reassuring. Our two visits were a pleasure. A job well done. Thank you

    R & A Wheatley
  • Kirstie was very clear and nothing was too much trouble, went out of her way to help, thank you.

    J Hale - Kettering
  • Have to say Nicola has been excellent and makes this process very easy and uncomplicated - many thanks.

    T Grier
  • Great service - can't fault it

    SA Watts
  • The care I have received from N Dodman has been so caring and kind and nothing has been too much trouble and I most certainly use her and Tollers again.

    L Rolls
  • Many thanks to Kirstie for all the work she has done for us.

    Mr D and Mrs Whitlock
  • Excellent Service, from Kirstie Brownbill. would recommend her to anyone.

    Nancy Gates
  • Kirstie was very helpful to us. She explained everything in an unhurried, easy to understand manner.

    Stuart and Janet Ogilvie
  • I would like to say that you (Ruth Markham), Cheryl Hawkins and the staff at Toller's have been extremely efficient, helpful and value for money I would go as far to say that your firm has been the best company of solicitors I have ever used and would not hesitate to recommend your company.

    Johnny Richmond
  • The service I received from Miss Webster was exceptional, professional & friendly, would recommend your service to others.

    V Garraway
  • I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your assistance and advice during my case. Not only did you offer me the soundest advice and guidance during this time but you also gave me the confidence to make the choice to go ahead with the proceedings. If it were not for your stewardship, I do not think I would have gone ahead.

    Mr F
  • Excellent and professional service

    A Client
  • Alan Peck was absolutely brilliant in dealing with my divorce. I would fully recommend using him to anyone. As a woman on my own with very little knowledge of the legal system and much apprehension of putting both myself and my childrens future into his hands, he gave me the support, confidence and expert knowledge in order to negotiate my divorce from the beginning to the end. I can't even begin to tell you how much it has meant.

    Mrs B
  • Your help and advice was a credit to your company. I would recommend Tollers for their professional help and advice.

    Mr JC
  • During a very difficult part of my life Alan Peck was excellent, extremely knowledgeable, helpful and understanding.

    Mr. H
  • I had used the Solicitors when I went through a divorce and was very impressed and used them again on two separate matters, very professional and would highly recommend.

    Mr. Moore, Northampton
  • I wish to write to you and say how delighted I was with the services of Alan Peck. He truly is an asset to Tollers Solicitors. His friendly approach helped me through very difficult times, when I was in court for my children, and without his help I feel I wouldn't have the relationship with my daughters, like I do now. Every time I rang he had time to talk me through how to approach the situation, which I appreciated greatly.

    Mr. H
  • The service provided has been excellent.

    L. Fowler
  • Very satisfied.

    P. Scott
  • I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help with my divorce, it has been most appreciated and I will be recommending you to others in the future. I wish you every success.

  • Thank you so much for all that you have done for me, I really appreciate it. Thank you for making it possible for me to have a new life and a brighter future.

    Mrs G
  • I find Tollers very welcoming , gave me all the information I needed, did not force any other suggestions. Listened and helped me without putting their cost first, always the client excellent service.

    Mrs. E
  • Family-based legal settlements of this type are particularly stressful. I have tried to facilitate as best I can but have been reliant on your guidance and advice and for that I am very grateful. I owe you lunch for all the help you've provided over the last few months.

    Mr. R.
  • Just a note to say thanks for all your help. You managed to make a painful time in my life more bearable with great efficiency and good humour.

    Mrs H
  • Highly recommended by myself.

    Mr G
  • Very pleased with support and advice offered by Katie.

    Mrs V
  • Many, many thanks for your excellent service again.

    Mrs A.
  • Adoption is an emotional issue and we cannot thank Mr Peck and his team enough for their thoughtfulness, professionalism and guidance throughout the legal process.

    Mr. & Mrs. L.
  • I'd just like to say that dealing with Alan Peck was a very easy and comforting experience.

    Mrs. F. R.
  • For me it was important that Alan took ownership of the matter. Alan provided leadership and where appropriate, clear and simple options.

    Mr D
  • I am still stunned that we exchanged! Thank you so very much for all your help and the rest of the team involved! I used Tollers last time I moved a few years ago and was really impressed but wow I am feeling very lucky I had you as my solicitor and so impressed with how you dealt with our sale. I would definitely come back to Tollers and recommend you!

    Katy Falconer
  • Jonathan and I just wanted to thank you and your team for sorting out the conveyancing on the sale of our old house and the purchasing of our new house. We appreciate the efforts you went to to try and get things sorted for us particularly with the buying which was difficult at times. We absolutely love our new house and will enjoy working on it and turning it into a cosy, comfortable home.

    Jonathan and Faith Weekley
  • Just wanted to send you a quick note to say how appreciative we are for all the hard work in relation to our recent house move. As first time buyers we were a little unsure of the processes but you were really fantastic at ensuring you kept us informed every step of the way. It all seemed very easy and now as we sit here in our new house I wanted to take this time to thank you. Many thanks

    Poppy and Pete
  • I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you and your team for the excellent work you did towards our recent sale of 8 The Avenue and the associated purchase of Mountstephens Farm. It was certainly the most drawn out and stress inducing house sale that we have ever been involved with and I know that everyone concerned was very glad when it all finally went through. We certainly were! What made a challenging situation easier to deal with was the excellent communication between the parties and I'd like to thank you and the team both for your advice on various matters and for your response to the changing situation. I felt very confident that you were on top of everything throughout, and that I had made the right choice when selecting Tollers to handle our Conveyancing. We have now been here a month, and are unpackeed and settled in, and I look forward to hearing from you in due course with respect to the outstanding matters of the insurance policy for the common land access and the amended final documents and deeds from the Land Registry.

    Mr Turner
  • Many thanks for the work you and Tollers did in relation to the sale, I found the whole approach professional and well handled.

  • Many thanks for the professional way in which you handled the above sale also to Karen and Danielle for all their help and quickness of response to any queries etc.

  • I just wanted to thank you for all your help with our purchase, it was certainly troublesome at times due to the vendor. I'm glad I chose such a great set of people to take us through the process. Thanks for all your efforts.

    Caroline and Andrew
  • Our thanks to you and the team for a job well done and carried out in a professional manner unlike other in the chain but enough said once again our thanks and best wishes to you all

    Yvonne and Geoff
  • Felt that the level of communication was particularly good. Many thanks.

    Mr & Mrs Luxford, Bedford
  • Many Thanks to you & your team for your support & assistance. Tollers service is always up to very good standards & this is the reason why we chose you in Northampton while being in London.

    Mr Y. Khan, London
  • I found using Tollers made the transaction easy, efficient and stress-free.

    Ms Thomas, Kettering
  • A huge thank you for all you and Karen have done to get this nightmare sale & purchase to go through! It's been hard work and very stressful but you and Karen were perfect with the service you provided, and kept me fully informed.

    Lisa Freeman
  • Cannot improve on perfection!

    Mr & Mrs McFadyen, Northants
  • We appreciated all the hard work you did in ensuring our sale and move. We can't thank you enough regards the work you have put in, communication regards updates and the constant reassurance throughout the difficult and frustrating times.

    Ms H
  • Excellent company to do business with! Staff are all polite, professional. Thank you for all your help and service.

    Mr Doe, Wilts
  • We were very happy with the service we received - very efficient - thank you.

    Ms Gommage
  • I was pleasantly surprised to find that Claire and her team were very helpful during the whole of our moving process.

    Mr Price, Northampton
  • Many thanks to Claire for her quality professional help and assistance provided to us regarding the completion of the house. Please pass on our thanks also to Hilary and Sophia for their quality and timely management of the whole process. It is great that we can deal with such a trustworthy company with such friendly and professional people.

    Mr Humphrey
  • Francesca worked hard to ensure that every problem was addressed, and kept me fully informed. Her service was excellent.

    Ms Revie
  • Thank you for the care and attention at this emotional time.

    Ms. W
  • I thought everything was handled well as the other person (buyer) seems to be very difficult and awkward.

    Mr. Inglis
  • Your service was straightforward, informative, efficient and quick. It was a pleasure to deal with all the staff we spoke to - all women (a wonderful contrast to estate agents!). You managed to combine professionalism with a friendly approach and all were able to say "I don't know - I'll find out." Thank you.

    Ms Passingham, Sheffield
  • Excellent service from Claire Ward and Sophia Munday. Have already recommended you to a friend and they are using you.

    Mr Burmon, Milton Keynes
  • ust like to add that Sophia Munday was brilliant. I would like her to receive some acknowledgement for this.

    Mr Habib, Wolverton
  • My father used your company and we continued with it despite looking at others. We have found you very good and Francesca has continued in the pattern. Your receptionist is lovely and should be congratulated on her manner. I have recommended your firm to innumerable people and all have been pleased.

    Ms Blades
  • We found the service by all the team to be impeccable. It was notable that Cheryl and Danielle always made themselves available to us via telephone or otherwise, were extremely efficient and proficient in the service they provided. We would not hesitate to recommend their services or use them ourselves again!

    Mr. Vissian, Rushden
  • Everything very well done.

    Mr T. Law
  • A credit to Tollers...Claire Ward the Solicitor who completed the case made it very easy for us.

    P. Newsome, Northampton
  • Sophia Munday at Milton Keynes is a credit to Tollers in ensuring everything was handled as was Claire Ward the Solicitor who completed the case making it very easy for us.

    P. Newsome, Northampton
  • Excellent service.

    R. Sontwell
  • "My mother had an accident leaving her with near fatal injuries including a cracked skull. At the advice of Tristan an offer was rejected and after many months of medical reports and tests an offer of well over double the initial amount was made. Whilst this was a traumatic time for my mum she feels very strongly that it could have been a lot worse without the efforts of Tollers and would like to take this opportunity to thank Tristan and his team for all their guidance and support. Both of us would have no hesitation in recommending Tollers in the future".

    Paul & Grace Anstee
  • I wanted to take the time to thank Stephanie Jervis of Tollers solicitors for all the work she did with me on my case and won. I feel Stephanie worked hard for me and always did what was in my best interests. I was always kept up to date with every aspect of my case. I found Stephanie to be the most professional yet friendly person I have ever worked with and the work and dedication she showed to my case I can't find the words to put down to say how grateful I am and how hard she worked even when things weren't going our way she never gave up and won my case. I would have no hesitation recommending Stephanie to anyone and feel she is a true asset to Tollers solicitors. Good luck in the future And thank u from the bottom of my heart.

    A Galloway
  • Having used Tollers I can honestly say that this is the firm I will use again if ever needed. I have been treated so well by Tollers, very fast, friendly service.

    B Gidney
  • Everyone was so fantastic!

    J Stenlake
  • I must say that you and Tollers have amazed me in the way that you seem to understand the needs of your clients, certainly in my case. This process shows excellent customer service and an understanding of the clients needs especially with the lengthy timescale's that can be involved in such cases. As the financial expectations of the clients are generally all that is important after the incident, so any unexpected payment seem to be a break in the waiting game, this along with the money is extremely helpful. Thank you once again and for representing me in my claim.

    L Beatty
  • I am writing to say thank you for the cheque and a very big thank you for all of your help over the last four and a half years. Your support & kindness was very much appreciated and made the entire process a lot more bearable

    A Client
  • Just a quick note to thank you for your services which I must say have been carried out in a courteous, professional & friendly manner. I would definitely recommend your services to any person in need of similar help as myself.

    A Client
  • I would just like to say thank you for the handling of my claim for my compensation. Although this may not have seemed a large claim to your company, I can say whenever I needed information or didn't understand anything you were most helpful in explaining what I wanted to know. I would definitely recommend your services to friends and family if necessary. Thank you

    Mr G Murphy
  • You have been very kind and patient as well as efficient. Once again I thank you and will not hesitate to suggest your practice to family and friends

  • "My case was carried out in a courteous, professional and friendly manner. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone in need of similar help as myself."

    Chris Wallington
  • Following an accident where another driver collided into the rear of my stationary vehicle (whilst I was sat at the wheel), I appointed Tollers Solicitors to assist with recovering the costs for the damages to my vehicle and the injuries I had sustained as a result of the accident. From the first telephone conversation, to the appointed specialist who assisted me with the completion of the forms, I felt as though my case was being handled with the utmost priority. The staff at Tollers were extremely patient and courteous, explaining every step of the claims process as we embarked upon recovering costs for the unfortunate accident. The advice given was practical and easy to understand, and as such a satisfactory conclusion was reached in a far shorter space of time than I had anticipated, with the insurance company for the third party settling the case within 6 months of the accident. I cannot thank David and his team enough for bringing this case to a prompt close, and would not hesitate in recommending the services of Toller’s to colleagues, friends and family. Thank you Toller’s, for a truly excellent service

    A Client
  • Karen Mann at Tollers Solicitors was able to assist Mr S in pursuing a claim against his employer following an accident at work as a result of defective equipment. As a result of the accident a metal cage struck Mr S in the face and he sustained a laceration to his left cheek. Mr S was successful in making a claim against his employer in negligence and breach of statutory duty under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998. Mr S received an award of compensation of £2,850.00

    Mr S
  • Excellent service, can't thank you enough for making the whole process painfree. Thanks again.

    Michelle Wilkinson
  • Thank you very much for the support in such a good outcome. Your expertise have been outstanding to see!

    Simon Haynes
  • Tollers LLP were happy to help Mr X with a claim for compensation following a hernia which developed as a result of heavy lifting and an unsafe practice at work. Mr X was required to lift over 400 heavy items during any one shift and was not provided with any suitable lifting training. Mr X was required to have surgery. Mr X was awarded compensation in the sum of £5,500.00. The claim was successful pursued against Mr X's employer as they were in breach of their statutory duties under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1999 and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. Karen Man, went above the call of your role to help both me and my wife in times of stress, that you were always kind and helpful when ever we had questions or if we were seeking reassurance as well as doing your best to cater to any travel difficulties we experienced

    Mr X
  • Mrs W was successful in a claim against a Primary Care Trust following an accident which arose as a result of a defect in a car park premises. The defect was sunken tarmac of a difference of 6cm which caused Mrs W to trip and fall and sustain a soft tissue injury to her cheekbone and right shoulder. Mrs W was successful in her claim against the PCT who failed to ensure that she was reasonably safe when using the premises as a lawful visitor under Section 2 of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957. Tollers LLP helped Mrs W to secure an award of compensation in the region of £3,000.00. She commented that she was very happy with the service provided by Karen Mann throughout the lengthy process of her accident claim. All aspects were fully outlined by Karen, and all documents requiring completion or comment were clearly explained. She received regular updates as to the progress of the claim, and was kept informed of the various liability problems. The service was invariably polite and courteous, and she would not hesitate in recommending Karen or Tollers LLP to any aquaintances who had a requirement of legal advice or representation.

    Mrs W
  • Mrs G had an accident in a High Street when she tripped over a dangerous defective paving stone resulting in her sustaining a sprained ankle. Mrs G was successful in pursuing a claim against the local council in negligence and breach of their statutory duty of care under the Highways Act 1980. Tollers were successful in securing Mrs G close to £4,000.00 compensation for her pain, suffering and loss of amenity and uninsured losses.

    Mrs G
  • Karen Mann at Tollers LLP helped Mrs S of Northampton as a result of an accident that occurred in a bar. Mrs S fell down some steps in a bar which were not visible due to a dry smoke machine which was in use by staff. As a result of the fall Mrs S sustained a rotator cuff tear of her shoulder which required surgery. Tollers LLP helped Mrs S secure an award of over £6,000.00. Mrs S was successful because the bar were in breach of their statutory duty under Section 2 of the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 for failing to ensure that Mrs S was reasonably safe in using the premises. I would recommend Tollers as they are efficient, helpful and regularly update you on the progress of your claim. Courteous professional staff that make you feel that you are in safe hands.

    Mrs S
  • I have been very impressed with Tollers who have worked so hard to win this case. I am also relieved that no-one else is at risk from a similar accident or injury on those premises in the future.

    Miss Bowden - London
  • Thank you very much for all your help!

    K Hues
  • Thanks for all your help and a great outcome.

  • "Mr Holdom was fantastic from start to finish, I can't thank him enough!"

    T Hitchcock
  • Excellent service - thank you

  • Just keep up the standards you are at. Overall very good.

    Mr Talbot, Buckingham
  • For my part, I must admit that you have 'hand held' me through the process, explaining in plain English each step and keeping me informed all of the way. There is nothing worse than not knowing what is happening and hearing jargon that you don't understand. So I must say that Karen in particular and Tollers in general have been of great benefit to me. Thank you.

    Mr B, Milton Keynes
  • Keep going you don't need improving.

    Ms Watts, Northampton
  • Overall very good service.

    Mr Rautenbach, Northants
  • Tristan Holdom was just brill.

    Mr Corrigan, Fife
  • We have found the service offered by Tollers, to be of an exceptionally high standard. There is little doubt that the expertise, diligence and tenacity of the team was pivotal in securing us the outcome we wanted. I would have no reservation in recommending Tollers to other business owners and associates in the knowledge that they offer a first class service.

    Helen McCallum - Sales and Marketing Director at Displaymode
  • I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service provided by your Northampton office. The service is exemplary. I have always found the team to be extremely professional, knowledgeable and nothing is ever too much trouble. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Please keep up the good work.

    S Mellor
  • I have worked with Rebecca now for approximately 3 years. Rebecca not only gives me expert commercial advice on employment law she has become a virtual member of our HR team and a friend. Rebecca always makes herself available and never just gives us a text book answer. She has taken the time to really understand our business and will work with us to best resolve many complex situations. She is extremely pleasant to work with and quite unlike many employment lawyers I have worked with previously. All member of the team at Tollers are extremely personable and I wholeheartedly recommend both Rebecca and the entire team.

    Jenny Witchell, HR Business Partner Norbert Dentressangle
  • In my recent dealings with Tollers Solicitors, I found the staff to be friendly and helpful. They explained everything to me in plain English and in doing so put me at ease. They where most helpful and courteous. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tollers Solicitors

    Marilyn Thorneycroft
  • All items of my case were explained very well to me and I was made to feel at ease in a relaxed atmosphere during which could have been a very traumatic experience for me. I would highly recommend your company to anyone requiring solicitor services.

    Mr Bull, Kettering
  • I have used Tollers for many years and for a variety of matters and as always, found them to be extremely professional and thorough. I would like to express my total satisfaction with the service received and praise Kathryn Williams for her assistance in my latest dealings with Tollers. Not only is she a true representation of professionalism she maintained constant contact, informing of all scenarios as a result of any decision. I made and was totally supportive and dedicated to my case. A very personal service in a very professional manner.

    Mr Pearce, Leics
  • Very good all round service.

    Client, Towcester
  • Always very professional and a quality service.

    G. Rouse - Chiltern Cold Storage Group Ltd.
  • Their expert knowledge and high level of professionalism gives us the confidence to pick up the phone for sound , helpful and practical employment law advice, without hesitation.

    Ingrid Newbould (Head of Employee Relations) - Greene King Plc
  • We have developed a strong working relationship with the Tollers Employment Team over the past 6 years.

    Elizabeth Beattie (HR Manager) - Yamaha Music Limited
  • The employment law advice I have received from Gary Tait has been concise, unambiguous and straightforward.

    John Batty (Managing Director) - JMJ Bulk Packaging Limited
  • I have found the advice given by Tollers to be business focused, clear and concise.  Their responsiveness matches our business needs and they ensure that legality is translated into pragmatic management information.

    Deborah Parker – (HR Director), Norbert Dentressangle Transport Services
  • When seeking practical and commercial legal advice concerning employment matters, we need a reliable, approachable source.  Tollers give us a swift and commercial response and provided us with valuable guidance in helping us to achieve our desired outcome.

    Jim Verity - (HR Manager), Lafarge Aggregates Limited
  • As a leading business within the region, we need to know our service providers are on the ball. The Tollers business legal services team has been a great choice for us. They are able, and pleased to deal with a whole range of employment issues for us.  It’s the support and security we need to help us face the opportunities and challenges of our business.

    David Frost – (Head of HR), Carlsberg UK Limited
  • Tollers acted efficiently, communicated well and gave us a high level of confidence throughout the process.

    Derek Hill - Advanced Technology Service UK Ltd
  • We are in our new premises and delighted with them. Many thanks for your help sorting the lease.

    H Barrett, Northampton Laser Clinic
  • Tollers business lawyers really understand our business and our way of working. They are able to pick up on a situation and respond quickly, knowing the business issues facing us.

    Paul Jackson - (Managing Director), Chiltern Cold Storage and Distribution Limited.
  • Tollers help made a potentially stressful experience straightforward. Everything was done to achieve the best outcome for me, and for all that was done the fee appeared very fair and reasonable.

    J. Tanqueray
  • Tollers was recommended to me when my father passed away and left the property I lived in as a legacy to a charity. With the fear of being made homeless and my personal situation not allowing me to rent or purchase a property of my own, I was put in contact with Mr Tom Kings of Tollers. Mr Kings was very helpful and understanding at every step along the way. He kept us fully informed at every opportunity and was always available should we need him. During the four years the case was on going for, Mr Kings remained fully focused and kept us hopeful and optimistic for the future. Along the way Mr Kings worked alongside a barrister who was also exceptionally clued into the case. We cannot thank Mr Kings and Tollers enough.

    Mr V Mark
  • Speaking to Tom was like getting good advice from a trusted friend, very steady, very logical and spoken in good, normal straight English, which made me feel very comfortable. From Tom every detail had a legal answer, straight from the back of his head, obviously this man really knows exactly what to do, though he was never pushy but a fantastic guide to me. Tom & Tollers kept me scrupulously up to date with costs as we proceeded, so I knew exactly where I stood and it was easy to make needed decisions as the matter progressed.

    M Graeme
  • Ian always displayed a professional approach, and whilst the information provided at times was brief, Ian's ability to interpret and understand was excellent. There were challenging times but the end results have proved positive. Thank you for your help and support.

    A client
  • Ian was very efficient and helpful and without him I could not have gone through the mediation and reached a settlement of my claim. I would certainly recommend him

    A Client
  • We came across this company as their representative posted advice on an Internet website. I found them really helpful and the advice First Class. I was given advice on all the twists and turns that were experienced. Very knowledgeable and fair.

    D Wright
  • Following the settlement of the dispute with my ex business partner, I would like to thank you for all your hard work to help bring this to a satisfactory conclusion. In particular I would like to praise you and your team for your calm and professional approach despite having to deal with an unusual set of circumstances and a particularly difficult individual on the other side. Whilst I hope that I won’t need engage you in the future for any similar disputes, I would certainly have no hesitation in using you or your company should I require legal assistance.

    A Robertson
  • I found the service offered by Tollers to be invaluable chiefly because of the complexity of the claim I was making to the FSCS. Although it is no doubt possible to submit a claim to the FSCS without seeking legal advice, talking through my claim with Tollers and deciding what the core of my claim should be proved key I believe to a successful outcome. In addition to being able to talk to someone who specialises in financial services law, as well as of course in wording and shaping a legal argument, the ability to share my concerns and worries, to have clarification at each stage of the claim’s formulation, responding to the FSCS on points of clarification once the claim had been submitted… all together helped to keep me sane.

    Michael P
  • I engaged Ian Carson to advise me on an issue with a long standing Client. The other party engaged a Solicitor who was particularly awkward and uncooperative to deal with. During the course of the process I found Ian’s manner to be professional at all times and his specialist skill allowed me to achieve the outcome that I had strived for from the outset. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian and indeed Tollers to anyone seeking this type of representation.

    Mark Hunt, Direct of Hunters Solutions Limited
  • I am really grateful for the way in which Ian conducted this matter. He made my decision making very straightforward and consistently explained our opinions in a way that I could understand.

    Paul Fello, Managing partner of Kingsmead (Milton Keynes) Limited
  • A sincere thanks to everyone at Tollers; in particular Ian, Duncan and Tristan for their expertise and professionalism in pursuing legal matters on our behalf. At each stage process we were offered clear direction which enabled us to make fast and well informed decisions throughout the litigation. We would not hesitate to instruct you on such matters again in the future. Thanks again.

    Chris Talman, Manager, Dealer Risk and Financing - Mazda Motors UK
  • At all times Tristan was professional, thorough and approachable. Tristan provided sound advice and prepared us for all possible outcomes so that we could make the best and most realistic decisions moving forward. We would not hesitate to use Tollers LLP again - thank you.

    Darren Aaron, Managing Director JKS UK Limited
  • Right from the first meeting with David Richards a realistic view was given on what may lie ahead:

    • Costs
    • Time scales
    • Possible outcome
    • Risk

    This frank and clear advice helped me to make my decision to continue with the action. And along the way access to specialist skills and expert witness were introduced to support our case. David and his team kept me informed, spent time reassuring me of the process when I had concerns. They also ensured I was fully aware of the implications of each part of the process and correspondence. The professional approach and advice, without question bought this action to a successful and excellent conclusion in winning the day and bettering our anticipated financial outcome.

    A Davies
  • Straight forward, prompt professional advice given with up front costs. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

    A. Rowlands
  • The solicitor working for me (Nicola Holton) grasped the issues involved both legally and personally immediately, giving me confidence that I was receiving the most appropriate advice in a timely manner

    B Zutshi
  • I cannot stress how grateful we are for the support you have given us and I am sure we would not be in this position should you have not helped us throughout.

    Ian Dalton - Relate Northampton
  • The advice I was given was very helpful and put my mind at ease.  I would recommend Tollers to family & friends.

    J Ross
  • I was extremely pleased with the service that was provided to me. The transition from to Tollers was fantastic and extremely hassle-free. The speed at which this specialist firm worked at was beyond sufficient, and I would recommend them to anyone.

    M. Edwards
  • Tiffany Wiggett, the young lady I spoke to on the phone regarding my Inheritance Act enquiry was very kind and understanding. She made me feel at ease and was very helpful.

    Mrs. Jones, North Wales
  • I found Nicola to be very helpful.

    Nesbitt Training Ltd/Phoenix Training Ltd
  • Thank you for your never ending professionalism and support over the past 10 months. We appreciated your help in discussing legal matters at a level where we could understand and make informed decisions.

    John Evans of New Meaning Limited
  • I found Tollers through the internet. The solicitor who assisted me, Tiffany Wiggett, went out of her way to help me, she was very friendly and professional. They were fast and efficient and went the extra mile in trying to help me with my legal matter. I would definetly recommend them and seek their advise again if needed.

    Elisha Moore
  • Professional help and expertise at its best.

    Mr A T Arnold
  • A good positive approach to our debt collection needs and dealt with quickly which is exactly what you need for this type of work.

    Wilfred Smith Ltd
  • We found Tollers at both Northampton and Corby to be excellent, quick response times and good customer services were invaluable. We would have no hesitation in recommending Tollers or appointing your services in the future.

    Sam Beerling and Marie Vertigan, Directors Freedom Medical
  • Thank you for all your help, we really cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and making a very upsetting and stressful case run so smoothly.

    Sam and Ann
  • I truly believe we could have been a lot worse off without your consistent, sincere and pragmatic approach. We have benefited considerably from your advice.

    John Evans of New Meaning Limited
  • I have been very impressed by the clarity of explanations provided in both business and personal legal service matters.  We know that the firm is capable of dealing with all our varied requirements and this is why we also refer our clients to Tollers for specific areas of advice. Many of them tell us they go on to use additional services because they have been so impressed with the service Tollers have provided.

    John Scully – (Director), The Independent Life & Pensions Group.
  • My field of trade is highly specialised and requires pragmatic, timely and sound legal advice, often while under severe pressure. Because of those required skills I have to be very selective on who I instruct. Nicola is a member of that select band of solicitors that has that proven ability in recovery and insolvency and I cannot speak highly enough for her. Each time I instruct Nicola I do so with total confidence

    Gary Pettit, Insolvency Practitioner and Director of Marshman Price and Pettit
  • I have instructed Nicola on a number of insolvency related matters over recent years. Nicola has provided expert advice, a personable approach and great results each time we have worked together.

    Marco Piacquadio, BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency
  • A sincere thanks to everyone at Tollers; in particular Duncan and Tristan for their expertise and professionalism in pursuing legal matters on our behalf. At each stage of the process we were offered clear direction which enabled us to make fast and well informed decisions throughout the litigation. We would not hesitate to instruct you on such matters again in the future. Thanks again.

    Chris Talman, Manager, Mazda Motors UK
  • Just wanted to say that the team at Tollers did a cracking good job for us during the MBO process; very supportive, efficient, quick to respond and competent too!

    Steve Bolton, CEO, Echo
  • I would like to thank you on behalf of MK Women & Work for the precise and comprehensive information and recommendation you provided. As a result, at a trustee board meeting the special resolution to change our Articles of Association was voted in unanimously. Thank you again on behalf of the Trustees, staff and clients of Women and work.

    Vanessa Gwynn, Chair of Trustees, MK Women and Work
  • I write to say thank you for your swift and excellent work regarding the confidentiality agreement.

    Ryan Hansell
  • Thank you for your help and guidance in dealing with my company shares and my business issues. This whole unpleasant business is now behind me and I am very grateful for the efficient way you have guided me through all the procedures necessary for me to have a positive outcome.  I would certainly recommend your company to anyone who requires such services.

    J Wickham
  • Tollers did a great job in dealing with the restructuring of our business. The project was very well managed and administered from start to finish with a real emphasis on quality legal work within a highly defined time frame.

    Ian Bristow, Symphony FD
  • Tollers solicitors were commissioned to draw up Terms and Conditions tailored specifically to our business for 'The Provision of Services' and 'The Sale of Goods'. The service was responsive, professional, and friendly. We feel confident that Tollers will guide us through any legal obligations we may encounter in the future.

    David Nicholson, MD, MKbmt Ltd
  • We have experienced remarkable growth in our business, operating throughout the UK. Tollers lawyers provide us with just what we need to meet the challenges this growth creates. A fast, flexible approach and a determination to reach a satisfactory conclusion - leaving us to get on with growing our business.

    Founder of Index Books Limited, Igloo Books Limited and The Book Studio Limited

    Sir Roger Martin, Managing Director
  • Tollers provides quality and timely, jargon free advice. They are responsive and flexible. Their commercial focus and clear guidance on risk issues combined with objective advice and support make Tollers Solicitors our choice for legal advice.

    Ian Barratt, Director, Formula One Autocentres Limited

Our Experts in Family Law

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Melanie Grant / Senior Associate

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Minara Hannan / Solicitor
t   01908 396230

Related Service: Family LawSpecialties: Family LawOffice: Milton Keynes Leonie qualified into the Family Law Unit following the completion of her training contract with Tollers in 2013.  Leonie deals with all aspects of family law including divorce, separation, financial & children... Read More

Leonie Press / Associate Solicitor
t   01908 306959

Related Service: Family LawSpecialties: Family LawOffice: Northampton Katie has specialised in offering legal advice and assistance to private clients since she qualified in 1997. She has dealt with a vast spectrum of cases in relation to all aspects of family law which include divorce... Read More

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Related Service: Family Law Specialties: Family Law Office: Northampton Sally is a Partner at Tollers and has specialised exclusively in Family Law since 1993.   Sally advises on all issues relating to divorce or relationship breakdown, including the resolution of issues relating... Read More

Sally Smith / Equity Partner
t   01604 258517

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