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Child Abuse

Tollers solicitors specialise in providing legal representation to adults who have experienced sexual abuse during their childhood or to a parent or carer of a child that has been abused by teachers, priests or others in a position of trust. We win compensation for the victims who have endured psychiatric injury as a result of the sexual abuse which has affected their quality of life.

Our experienced solicitors will remain by your side through the entire case and manage all communications with the institutions or individuals concerned. Your case will be completely confidential and be managed to ensure that there is no additional psychological trauma to those affected. It is vital that you understand that you will never have to speak or see the abuser themselves.

High profile cases in the media have emphasised and brought to the forefront of public interest the number of children who are or have been sexually abused whilst in the care of institutions such as local authorities, schools, scouts or other youth groups.

We understand child abuse is difficult to discuss and that you may have concerns about claiming compensation, but it is worth remembering that pursuing a compensation claim can not only give victims access to support and counselling to assist in finally closing that chapter of their life, but it can also assist in preventing future instances of abuse happening. It is rare that an instance of child abuse within a school or institution is a one off or isolated incident.

Regardless of whether the abuse occurred decades ago or presently with the right legal support claims for abuse can succeed.

Who Can I Claim Compensation Against For Child Abuse?

Sadly the professionals, institutions or schools that we openly place our trust in to have the best welfare and also the necessary safeguards in place to protect our children can become the setting in which child abuse takes place.

  • Care Homes

  • Charitable Organisations

  • Employers

  • Hospitals

  • Local Authority

  • Military

  • Religious Institutions

  • Scouts and other Youth Organisations

  • Schools

  • Social Workers

The unique and highly sensitive nature of claims for child abuse requires sensitivity and respect at all times which we promise to deliver.

Our goal is to achieve justice for those who have been harmed, betrayed and let down by trusted individuals and institutions. It is essential for the victims to realise they were not to blame.

Throughout the claims process we will apply our extensive legal expertise to help you achieve the best possible result. We have done this for many people who have suffered child abuse. In most cases child abuse claims are settled successfully – without going through distressing and time-consuming court proceedings.

Paul Morrison specialises in representing clients who have fallen victim to child abuse. He will give free legal advice on whether you have a case and discuss with you the basis upon which we act for you which will include ‘No Win No Fee’ legal services, so you are at no financial risk. Interim payments for compensation can be arranged to ensure counselling and recovery can be prioritised.

Contact Tollers to take the first step in making a claim for compensation for child abuse.

Our Specialists In Abuse & Neglect Claims

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