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Injury Lawyers in Oakham

Suffering the consequences of a serious accident can change your life dramatically, both physically and psychologically. It can be an extremely traumatic and stressful experience to go through, especially with an added financial strain due to any loss of earnings and medical costs incurred through no fault of your own.

Personal injury is the legal term that is used when an individual has suffered any physical or psychological harm in an accident or incident through no fault of their own. Examples of how personal injuries happen include:

  • An accident occurring at work that leads to physical harm
  • Psychological complications suffered due to physical or sexual abuse
  • Injuries suffered whilst under the care of a medical practitioner
  • Injuries occurred in road traffic accidents

Personal injury claims arise when an individual has come to harm due to the actions of another person either intentionally or due to negligence.

Unlike criminal cases which are initiated by the police, a personal injury claim is initiated by the person who has suffered from the injury. This will be daunting, as not only are you claiming against another person, local authority, business or hospital, you can be assured of the fact that your opposition will be armed with a legal team who are well versed in case law.

If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, boost your chances of making a successful claim and get in touch with a Tollers injury lawyer in Oakham. 

Measures You Should Consider Before Hiring an Injury Lawyer in Oakham

Before you enlist the help of an injury lawyer, there are some steps you should do and some information you should gather together.  These measures are vital as they can be important in ensuring your injury lawyer in Oakhamhas the best chance of creating a strong claim for the full amount of compensation you deserve for the injuries you incurred.

  • Inform the police if the personal injury was caused by a road traffic accident.
  • Irrespective of the nature of your injury, visit a doctor and have the extent of your injury professionally recorded and assessed to get any treatment to help your symptoms. As part of your claim, a doctor will be asked to provide a medical report and a record of the injury and treatment will assist the doctor in completing that report.
  • Report your accident to your employer or at the venue where the accident took place and ensure that it is entered on the accident report book.
  • It is also important to inform your insurance company of road accidents, or your insurance policy could become invalid.
  • Gather as much evidence as possible which may assist and strengthen your claim. For example, take pictures of the accident scene ensuring the date function is switched on your camera. Also, ensure that you make a note of the names and addresses of any witnesses, and if in a road accident, all the vehicle registration numbers.

Is There a Time Limit to Make a Personal Injury Claim with An Injury Lawyer?

A person wanting to make a personal injury claim typically has three years to put forward their case, from the date of the actual incident or the date of knowledge of suffering an injury. There are some circumstances in which this time limit will vary. For example, in cases of historic sexual abuse suffered as a child, the Court can agree to waive the three-year period for the issue of proceedings.

If the incident happened before you or your child’s 18th birthday, the time limit you are given to bring a claim is then extended to the victims 21st birthday.

Serious Injury Claims

Serious injuries can occur at any time, any place and to anyone, with no due warning, and can have life changing impacts on the victim themselves and those around them.

Serious injuries are those that might have long term repercussions for the victim such as an amputation or brain/spinal cord injury. These types of injuries usually have lasting medical implications, and can cause long term issues along with psychological problems such as feelings of trauma, a negative self-image and other disorder such as depression and anxiety,

These claims require specialist injury lawyers, who not only fight to obtain the best possible financial settlement but also ensure that you receive the highest quality support, treatment and rehabilitation available.  They also need to understand how to claim for and calculate claims for financial losses in the future.

Our experienced Injury Lawyers in Oakham can organise interim payments while your claim is underway to cover your living costs if you experience loss of earnings while your rehabilitation is underway.

Road Accident Compensation Claims

If you have suffered an injury because of a road traffic accident, then you can make an injury claim via an injury lawyer. Common road accidents include car, bike and motorbike accidents, being hit by an uninsured driver and hit and run accidents.

Personal Injury claims for road traffic accidents can not only be made by the occupants of a vehicle but also by cyclists and pedestrians. Rescuers are also able to make a claim, if they have suffered any psychological symptoms from witnessing the incident or its aftermath.

Holiday Accident Claims

When booking a holiday, it is usual that you will expect that you and your travel companions will have an excellent time, making memories and experiencing things you never have before However, occasionally things do not go to plan; when illness or injury strikes, it can leave everyone feeling thoroughly disappointed, not to mention the stress and bad experiences involved.

If you have suffered from an injury or illness whilst on a package holiday, then you can ask your injury lawyerto start a personal injury claim. Tour operators have a responsibility to ensure your safety on the holiday they have sold to you.

If they fail to provide this, then you can make a claim for compensation for your injury or illness and the loss of enjoyment of your holiday. If your holiday was a special occasion for example a honeymoon the compensation award will be more.

Some common holiday illnesses and injuries include:

  • Food poisoning
  • Illness due to poor hygiene at resort
  • Slips, and trips around the resort
  • Falling off a balcony
  • Illness due to contaminated water

Work Related Claims

It is usual to assume that an employee should be able to attend their own workplace without the risk of injury. It should be the case that health and safety regulations should be considered top priority. However, accidents still happen, leaving employees injured, and these accidents are usually due to the negligence of another individual or the company.

Statistically, trips or slips are the most common work related accident resulting in personal injuries. If the injury was caused due to the negligence of your employers, then it’s possible to make a personal injury claim via your injury lawyer. These can include claims for industrial diseases as well as injuries suffered due to inadequate equipment or a failure to provide the correct training to complete a set task.

Defective Premises Compensation Claims

If you have suffered an injury because of poor maintenance and repair of a public property or a property you are visiting, then you are eligible to make a claim via your injury lawyer in Oakham.

Physical Abuse in a public place

Unfortunately, hundreds of assaults happen every year in the UK. These assaults can include violent muggings, unprovoked attacks and sexual assaults, and often lead to both physical and psychological health problems.

If the personal injury was caused due to a deliberate physical attack, then you can make a personal injury claim through your injury lawyer in Oakham. However, it’s important to ensure that your behaviour did not in any way cause or provoke the attack. You must also be aware that having a previous criminal conviction may affect your prospects of success when making such a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.

Making a claim for an assault can help an individual to feel liberated against their attacker, and can help to rebuild their life after the traumatic event. The money received can even compensate the individual for any time taken off work. 


Medical Negligence Claims

If personal injury was caused due to medical negligence by a medical professional (doctor, nurse, physiotherapist, dentist, radiographer, midwife etc.) then you can make an injury claim.

8 common medical negligence claims include: -

  • Contamination, foreign objects left behind after surgery
  • Failure to warn of side effects
  • Surgery on the wrong patient
  • Incorrect anaesthetic
  • Infection
  • Failure to dress or stitch a wound correctly
  • Damage to nerves, tissues, muscles or organs during surgery.
  • Operating on the wrong part of your body

Claims for neglect or abuse suffered within the care system

If an elderly or vulnerable person has suffered a personal injury due to negligent care or abusive behaviour from their carers then it’s possible to make an injury claim. Contact an injury lawyer in Oakhamto proceed with your claim for compensation or your loved one’s claim. 

Why Should I Choose Tollers for My Injury Lawyer in Oakham?

Appointing a Tollers injury lawyerwill increase your chances of making a successful claim. and can have a significant impact on the amount of compensation you could receive.

Your Injury Lawyer in Oakham Will Look After Your Best Interests

Dealing with injury claims involves contact with insurance companies to argue about who is to blame for the accident and to negotiate a settlement. An insurance company will in no way have your best interest at heart but rather how they can avoid paying you your rightful compensation.

Insurance companies want to make a profit and to make the greatest amount of profit, they do not wish to pay out on claims at all, and if they do have to, ensure the pay out is as low as possible. Sometimes your opponent’s insurance company might put forward an initial offer that will be very tempting.

But it is important to talk to an injury lawyer in Oakhambefore you accept any offer put forward. Injury lawyers at Tollers will not only review your case, they will be able to advise on the value of your claim. We look to safeguard your interests by negotiating a good compensation settlement from the insurance company.

Our injury lawyers will guide you through the entire legal process.

These cases can be incredibly complicated and are not something that can be understood and progressed easily by somebody who is not a legal professional. Why leave the result of your claim to chance? If you miss a deadline or fail to produce all of the necessary documentation, your claim could be struck out meaning you will not receive any compensation.

Also, if you don’t know what you are eligible to claim or how to negotiate with insurance companies, your chances of getting the correct compensation amount that you are due could be compromised. It is therefore in your best interests to use one of our personal injury lawyers in Oakhamwhen proceeding with an injury claim. At Tollers, we have a team of specialists that have the experience and know-how to assist you in your quest of recovering damages.

We will also ensure that you will be kept in the loop throughout the entire process, in terms of our strategy and what course of action we feel it is best to take. We will also inform you of the maximum amount of compensation you are likely to receive because of your injury.

You can also have a better understanding about compensation amounts by checking out the ‘Calculate Your Compensation’ page on our website.

Your injury lawyer in Oakham will provide you with all the resources you need to win your claim

Your personal injury claim’s success will often hinge on proving another person’s negligence. In some instances, proving negligence might be relatively straightforward. However, sometimes proving negligence can be difficult, meaning that further investigation is required.

For example, in cases that involve car accidents (road traffic accident claims) you might need the help of an accident reconstruction expert to successfully prove your claim. Not having the required resources can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful claim. Choosing Tollers for your injury lawyer in Oakhammeans you can count on all our resources and track record of success to prove your claim.

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakham Will Have Expertise in Case Law

You can be assured of the fact that the lawyers representing insurance companies will be well versed in this specific area of the law. A good lawyer can always research the case.

When you hire a Tollers personal injury lawyer in Oakham, you can be assured of both knowledge as well as experience. This is another way of ensuring you have the best legal representation to fight your corner and to get the compensation you deserve for your injury and losses.

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakham Ensures That You Will Be Well Represented

Insurance companies rely on teams of lawyers to ensure that they don’t have to pay out large sums in compensation. If you decide to pursue your injury claim on your own then you may well be facing well-trained lawyers, which can be intimidating and overwhelming, adding to the stress of your situation. 

A personal injury claim is less daunting and stress free if you hire a personal injury lawyer in Oakhamwhen dealing with injury claims. This way you can rely on a team of lawyers who are fighting on your behalf against insurance companies. Hiring Tollers as your injury lawyerto pursue your claim can be a great way of levelling the playing field and increasing your chances of winning your claim. 

No Win No Fee Agreement with Your Injury Lawyer

When deciding whether or not to make a claim, many people are put off because they are concerned about the legal fees they may have to pay a solicitor.  This can mean that victims of personal injury do not receive the compensation they deserve because of their funding worries.

At Tollers, we believe that this should not be the case, as victims of these kind of issues should be able to claim the money the rightfully deserve. We understand the difficulties and worries which come with making a claim, but Tollers have the perfect solution for you.

When you choose a Tollers injury lawyer in Oakham, you no longer have to worry about the costs of making a claim. We offer a No Win No Fee agreement to all our injury claim clients. We also assist our clients in obtaining an After The Event or ATE insurance policy at no upfront cost.

By entering a No Win No Fee agreement you only pay if we are successful in winning you compensation. You pay nothing at all if you do not win. This way – you can be sure that you are not at risk of paying legal costs when pursuing your personal injury claim. 

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