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Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

About Dispute Resolution

Tollers’ Dispute Resolution team is led by Tristan Benson.  The team covers the whole range of disputes most businesses will face, from debt recovery and property disputes, through to involved commercial and corporate issues.

We will always consider the prospect of achieving a successful resolution through an alternative to the courts.  This may include arbitration, adjudication, mediation and expert determination which can often be an expedient and cost-effective alternative. 

Our record of working for businesses throughout the region, in this specialised area of business law, is evidence of the success we have achieved for our clients.

Director and Shareholder Disputes

From time to time issues arise between Directors or Shareholders of a Company.  The Dispute Resolution Team is experienced in handling conflicts at Boardroom and Shareholder level and are able to provide effective and practical advice in the following areas:

  • Director’s duties and responsibilities, as well as remedies for breach
  • Rights and responsibilities of Shareholders
  • Rights of minority Shareholders
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Joint Venture disputes
  • Shareholder derivative actions

We can assist Directors/Shareholders resolving their differences and, if necessary, take action through the Courts to protect their position. 

Director and Shareholder Disputes - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact our Dispute Resolution team.

Property Disputes

Tollers have extensive experience in handling commercial property related disputes, particularly in relation to commercial leases.  These include:

  • Possession actions/Forefeiture of tenancies
  • Breaches of covenant
  • Dilapidation claims
  • Arrears claims
  • Trespass actions
  • Disputed Tenancy Renewals

In addition we act for individuals who own or manage a residential portfolio of properties.  We provide specialist services in residential recoveries including rental claims and possession actions.  In addition, the team deals with a wide variety of property related disputes to include, building disputes, interests in land, boundary disputes, planning issues and telecommunications sites

Property Disputes - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact Tristan Benson.  

Partnership Disputes

Partnerships usually take one of two forms: Traditional partnerships governed by the Partnership Act 1890 or the more recent innovation of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under the LLP Act 2000.  

Disputes between partners can arise in many circumstances.  There may be serious differences over the future direction of the business, the level of work and commitment from each partner or arguments over remuneration.

Members of the team, in particular Tristan Benson, have handled numerous partnership disputes.  We appreciate the emotional and personal issues involved and consider the impact on the business itself.

Parnership Disputes - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact Tristan Benson.  

Debt Collection and Recoveries

Tollers offers a specialist debt collection and recovery service.  We offer a full range of services to include:

  • Effective assessment of customers’ creditworthiness and credit limit 
  • Review of you terms and conditions, to maximise their adequacy in the event of late payment or payment dispute 
  • Invoice and statement scheduling structure
  • Assisting implementation of the statutory right to charge interest on late payments
  • Advice on credit control

If your customer disputes your debt we have a team of lawyers willing to provide advice and guidance on how to resolve the dispute, whether by negotiation, mediation or Court action.

Tollers will agree with you fees for standard forms of work in relation to debt recovery.  Where claims are contested by your debtors they will be discussed with you individually and an individual action plan for that debt recommended.  Tollers Debt Recovery Services is probably your most effective route to a payment resolution.

Debt Collection and Recoveries - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact our Dispute Resolution team.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights can be crucial to the success of your business.  Protection can take many forms, from registration of trademarks/patents to ensuring that appropriate confidentiality clauses/intellectual property clauses are incorporated into your employee’s contracts of employment.

The Dispute Resolution Team has experience in advising clients in relation to their rights and remedies arising from the following:

  • Domain name issues
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Passing off actions
  • Misuse of confidential information

Intillectual Property Disputes

For more details please contact Tristan Benson.  

Professional Negligence

Claims may arise against professional advisors in many fields such as accounting, tax, legal, valuation, architecture and surveying, business consultancy and investment advice.

Tollers’ Dispute Resolution Team has handled claims against a variety of professional advisors in fields such as:-

  • Company auditing
  • Financial advice
  • Actuarial services
  • Tax
  • Property valuation
  • Claims settlement

Professional Negligence - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact our Dispute Resolution team.


Fraud can impact on both commercial and personal affairs. It can take many forms including misappropriation of assets, false claims for payment, misrepresentation, diversion of business opportunities, forgery and theft of confidential information.

When fraud is detected, it is vital to move quickly, gather and preserve evidence and seek to prevent the fraudster from putting fraudulent assets beyond the reach of the Claimant. Tollers Dispute Resolution Team is experienced in applying for urgent Court Orders to freeze assets, conduct searches of the fraudster’s premises and compel disclosure of information.

For more details please contact our Dispute Resolution team.

Fraud advice - Tollers Solicitors

Financial Services 

Disputes relating to the Financial Services (FS) sector can take many forms and can involve either the Regulator or the Courts or both.  Increasingly, the regulatory framework administered by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and the Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”) provides the appropriate forum to deal with FS related disputes.  However, traditional common law claims for breach of contract and negligence can still apply.  The Dispute Resolution team are experienced in determining which is the appropriate forum for the dispute.

Clients can often find the Financial Services industry confusing and intimidating.  We will always do our best to simplify and clarify the issues and advise on the most cost effective option.   

Financial Services - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact our Dispute Resolution team.  


Mediation is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution process. It involves the parties employing (and sharing the costs of) a neutral, professional mediator.

In contrast to litigation, the process is entirely voluntary and consensual rather than adversarial. The parties are free to walk away from the mediation at any time.

In the right circumstances, Mediation provides an effective forum for exploring the possibility of a wider commercial solution as an alternative to the all-or-nothing gamble of litigation.

Tollers’ dispute resolution team has wide experience of the preparation and conduct of mediations and is proactive in explaining the process to clients as part of our goal to find a swift, cost effective solution to disputes.

Meditation - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact our Dispute Resolution team.

Advice on Funding of Litigation 

Litigation can often be an expensive process.  There are a number of options available to finance the conduct of litigation.  As well as the traditional way of charging by way of hourly rate, Tollers will be able to explain the options of Before the Event Insurance (BTE), Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA), After the Event Insurance (ATE)Third Party Funding andContingent Fee Arrangements

Advice on Funding of Litigation - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact our Dispute Resolution team.

Disputing Wills and Inheritance Claims

Tollers’ specialist dispute resolution service recognises the increasing litigious nature of claims surrounding wills and trusts brought about by the changing family structure and the increasing size and value of estates.

The head of our dispute resolution team Tom Kings has spent the last 20 years specialising in will disputes and inheritance claims. Tom is a Member of the Association of Contested Trust and Probate Specialists (ACTAPS) a rarity in the region. 

If a family member has not made a will, their net assets (known as their estate) are divided in accordance with the intestacy rules. Even if a family member has made a will, disputes can occur between those left behind. Seeking early legal advice can be beneficial, both in terms of saving costs and anxiety for those parties involved and helping to ease family tensions and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Tollers can offer specialist advice on:-

Problems during the administration of the Estate including:

- Problems over the construction of a will
- Problems with or between personal representatives
- Actions to remove personal representatives
- Defending claims upon the estate
- Requiring personal representatives to account for their actions during  the administration of an estate

Claims regarding the Estate. Inheritance Act Claims:

- On behalf of the beneficiaries defending claims by individuals entitled under the Inheritance Act to pursue actions
- Pursuing claims on behalf of spouses, partners, children and dependents

Disputes over Wills:

Bringing or defending claims as to the validity of a will on the grounds of improper execution, mental capacity, want of knowledge and approval, undue influence and fraud

The team also specialises in associated areas including:

- Actions by and against trustees
- Challenging lifetime gifts by reason of undue influence
- Care home charges by the local authority
- Issues regarding the proper use of Lasting Power of Attorneys, Enduring Power of Attorneys and Deputyships

Tollers offers a range of different funding options and for each matter will consider and discuss the possibility of insurance backed litigation as well as Conditional Fee Agreements such as ‘No Win, No Fee’. Tollers will give you a realistic estimate of the costs involved in any matter prior to undertaking works.

Disputing Wills and Inheritance Claims - Tollers Solicitors

For more details please contact us.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

  • Tollers handled our legal dispute, which lasted 2 years, exceptionally well.  Tom Kings in particular was extremely helpful and patient - did a great job in securing our settlement.  Many thanks.

  • Tom was very friendly and helpful in my case. Tom would take the time to explain in great details the options available. As a professional I felt Tom warmth helped me to come to terms with a difficult ending in the case.

    T Flux
  • "I received very sound advice as to the likely outcome of the case. I was kept informed on progress in a professional manner and impressed with the quality of letters to the other side."

    Mr R Green
  • Tollers help made a potentially stressful experience straightforward. Everything was done to achieve the best outcome for me, and for all that was done the fee appeared very fair and reasonable.

    J. Tanqueray
  • Tollers was recommended to me when my father passed away and left the property I lived in as a legacy to a charity. With the fear of being made homeless and my personal situation not allowing me to rent or purchase a property of my own, I was put in contact with Mr Tom Kings of Tollers. Mr Kings was very helpful and understanding at every step along the way. He kept us fully informed at every opportunity and was always available should we need him. During the four years the case was on going for, Mr Kings remained fully focused and kept us hopeful and optimistic for the future. Along the way Mr Kings worked alongside a barrister who was also exceptionally clued into the case. We cannot thank Mr Kings and Tollers enough.

    Mr V Mark
  • Speaking to Tom was like getting good advice from a trusted friend, very steady, very logical and spoken in good, normal straight English, which made me feel very comfortable. From Tom every detail had a legal answer, straight from the back of his head, obviously this man really knows exactly what to do, though he was never pushy but a fantastic guide to me. Tom & Tollers kept me scrupulously up to date with costs as we proceeded, so I knew exactly where I stood and it was easy to make needed decisions as the matter progressed.

    M Graeme
  • Ian always displayed a professional approach, and whilst the information provided at times was brief, Ian's ability to interpret and understand was excellent. There were challenging times but the end results have proved positive. Thank you for your help and support.

    A client
  • Ian was very efficient and helpful and without him I could not have gone through the mediation and reached a settlement of my claim. I would certainly recommend him

    A Client
  • We came across this company as their representative posted advice on an Internet website. I found them really helpful and the advice First Class. I was given advice on all the twists and turns that were experienced. Very knowledgeable and fair.

    D Wright
  • Following the settlement of the dispute with my ex business partner, I would like to thank you for all your hard work to help bring this to a satisfactory conclusion. In particular I would like to praise you and your team for your calm and professional approach despite having to deal with an unusual set of circumstances and a particularly difficult individual on the other side. Whilst I hope that I won’t need engage you in the future for any similar disputes, I would certainly have no hesitation in using you or your company should I require legal assistance.

    A Robertson
  • I found the service offered by Tollers to be invaluable chiefly because of the complexity of the claim I was making to the FSCS. Although it is no doubt possible to submit a claim to the FSCS without seeking legal advice, talking through my claim with Tollers and deciding what the core of my claim should be proved key I believe to a successful outcome. In addition to being able to talk to someone who specialises in financial services law, as well as of course in wording and shaping a legal argument, the ability to share my concerns and worries, to have clarification at each stage of the claim’s formulation, responding to the FSCS on points of clarification once the claim had been submitted… all together helped to keep me sane.

    Michael P
  • I engaged Ian Carson to advise me on an issue with a long standing Client. The other party engaged a Solicitor who was particularly awkward and uncooperative to deal with. During the course of the process I found Ian’s manner to be professional at all times and his specialist skill allowed me to achieve the outcome that I had strived for from the outset. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian and indeed Tollers to anyone seeking this type of representation.

    Mark Hunt, Direct of Hunters Solutions Limited
  • I am really grateful for the way in which Ian conducted this matter. He made my decision making very straightforward and consistently explained our opinions in a way that I could understand.

    Paul Fello, Managing partner of Kingsmead (Milton Keynes) Limited
  • A sincere thanks to everyone at Tollers; in particular Ian, Duncan and Tristan for their expertise and professionalism in pursuing legal matters on our behalf. At each stage process we were offered clear direction which enabled us to make fast and well informed decisions throughout the litigation. We would not hesitate to instruct you on such matters again in the future. Thanks again.

    Chris Talman, Manager, Dealer Risk and Financing - Mazda Motors UK
  • At all times Tristan was professional, thorough and approachable. Tristan provided sound advice and prepared us for all possible outcomes so that we could make the best and most realistic decisions moving forward. We would not hesitate to use Tollers LLP again - thank you.

    Darren Aaron, Managing Director JKS UK Limited
  • Right from the first meeting with David Richards a realistic view was given on what may lie ahead:

    • Costs
    • Time scales
    • Possible outcome
    • Risk

    This frank and clear advice helped me to make my decision to continue with the action. And along the way access to specialist skills and expert witness were introduced to support our case. David and his team kept me informed, spent time reassuring me of the process when I had concerns. They also ensured I was fully aware of the implications of each part of the process and correspondence. The professional approach and advice, without question bought this action to a successful and excellent conclusion in winning the day and bettering our anticipated financial outcome.

    A Davies
  • Straight forward, prompt professional advice given with up front costs. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.

    A. Rowlands
  • The solicitor working for me (Nicola Holton) grasped the issues involved both legally and personally immediately, giving me confidence that I was receiving the most appropriate advice in a timely manner

    B Zutshi
  • I cannot stress how grateful we are for the support you have given us and I am sure we would not be in this position should you have not helped us throughout.

    Ian Dalton - Relate Northampton
  • The advice I was given was very helpful and put my mind at ease.  I would recommend Tollers to family & friends.

    J Ross
  • I was extremely pleased with the service that was provided to me. The transition from to Tollers was fantastic and extremely hassle-free. The speed at which this specialist firm worked at was beyond sufficient, and I would recommend them to anyone.

    M. Edwards
  • Tiffany Wiggett, the young lady I spoke to on the phone regarding my Inheritance Act enquiry was very kind and understanding. She made me feel at ease and was very helpful.

    Mrs. Jones, North Wales
  • I found Nicola to be very helpful.

    Nesbitt Training Ltd/Phoenix Training Ltd
  • Thank you for your never ending professionalism and support over the past 10 months. We appreciated your help in discussing legal matters at a level where we could understand and make informed decisions.

    John Evans of New Meaning Limited
  • I found Tollers through the internet. The solicitor who assisted me, Tiffany Wiggett, went out of her way to help me, she was very friendly and professional. They were fast and efficient and went the extra mile in trying to help me with my legal matter. I would definetly recommend them and seek their advise again if needed.

    Elisha Moore
  • Professional help and expertise at its best.

    Mr A T Arnold
  • A good positive approach to our debt collection needs and dealt with quickly which is exactly what you need for this type of work.

    Wilfred Smith Ltd
  • We found Tollers at both Northampton and Corby to be excellent, quick response times and good customer services were invaluable. We would have no hesitation in recommending Tollers or appointing your services in the future.

    Sam Beerling and Marie Vertigan, Directors Freedom Medical
  • Thank you for all your help, we really cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and making a very upsetting and stressful case run so smoothly.

    Sam and Ann
  • I truly believe we could have been a lot worse off without your consistent, sincere and pragmatic approach. We have benefited considerably from your advice.

    John Evans of New Meaning Limited
  • I have been very impressed by the clarity of explanations provided in both business and personal legal service matters.  We know that the firm is capable of dealing with all our varied requirements and this is why we also refer our clients to Tollers for specific areas of advice. Many of them tell us they go on to use additional services because they have been so impressed with the service Tollers have provided.

    John Scully – (Director), The Independent Life & Pensions Group.

Our experts in Dispute Resolution

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Tristan Benson / Partner & Head of Dispute Resolution
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