Filling Out Initial Sale Protocol Forms

Date Added 28.08.17

When you are selling a property, the initial protocol forms sent to you by your Conveyancer can seem a bit daunting, with what feels like hundreds of questions about your property. This article aims to make the process clearer, so that you know exactly which forms to expect, how to fill them out, and what to send us at the first stage of your transaction.

If you are selling a freehold property, your Conveyancer will send you a Property Information Form and Fittings and Contents form. These are, in principle, simple to understand and complete. The Property Information Form gives you the opportunity to give details about the property, such as any alterations made, parking arrangements, and the surrounding environment. This should be filled out accurately, if you are unsure of a response, let your Conveyancer know. You can be sued by the buyer for failing to reveal details you have knowledge of. Importantly, please be aware that you should supply your solicitor with any related paperwork; perhaps planning permission documentation if the property has been altered, completion certificates, or guarantees and warranties. Providing these at this early stage will most likely aid a swifter process.

The Fittings and Contents Form lists any items and appliances that are included and excluded in the sale. You, as seller, should indicate what will be included, and in instances where you are undecided over an item, signpost with a question mark. If you would like to offer your buyer a price for an item that has not been negotiated prior, you can do so here.

If you are selling a leasehold property, along with the forms above, you can also expect to receive a Leasehold Information Form for your completion. Simply, this relates to your lease, and again should be completed as precisely as you can. Moreover, any documents relating to the lease will likely be relevant, whether it be papers given to you when you purchased the property, or documentation subsequently given whilst you have been owner, therefore sending them to your Conveyancer is important.

We understand that some questions may be more difficult to fill out than others, but completing the forms to the best of your ability will help your transaction to proceed quicker, by avoiding questions being repeated. For any questions or enquiries about conveyancing requirements, Talk to Tollers.

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