Office of The Independent Adjudicator

Our specialist education law solicitors can assist with any dispute relating to university education.

Undertaking a degree in Higher Education is a major commitment for students and the aim in all cases is to broaden knowledge, experience or gain qualifications in furtherance of a career.

Office Of The Independent Adjudicator – Disputes

Students trust the educational establishment that they attend and the individuals who deliver the teaching. On occasions, however, a student can find themselves disappointed by their experience and requiring to challenge the situation in which they find themselves.

When a student finds themselves in dispute with a university we can offer the following services:

  1. Scholarly Misconduct – if the student is accused of scholarly misconduct our specialist solicitors can advise on the evidence and assist with the preparation of appeals against decisions and punishments within the university.
  2. University Complaints – if a student feels unfairly treated a complaint can be made internally through the university’s own complaint service. Our specialist education solicitors can assist you through this process and assist in the preparation of the complaint and provide advice through the appeals process.
  3. The Office of the Independent Adjudicator – where a student is unhappy with a university’s own internal investigation a further complaint can be made to the OIA whose job it is to ensure fairness in terms of universities policies and application of due process and natural justice within the educational establishments. In the event that a student cannot resolve a complaint with a university our specialist solicitors can advise on how to present and complain through the OIA and liaise with the OIA and the university to represent the student’s interest. This process can lead to exam resits in cases where the student concerned has not been treated fairly.
  4. Judicial Review – if a university or other educational establishment has made a decision which is unfair, consideration can be given to making an application to the court for judicial review of that decision. Our specialist solicitors have experience of writing an appropriate letter before action to the university concerned and making the application to the court to represent the student’s best interest in challenging the educational establishment for an Order that it has acted in excess of its own powers.

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