Education Health and Care Plan

If your child, or a child under your care has special educational needs, you will already have to cope with challenges every day. You also have the added pressure to make sure that they benefit in full from the education system.

At times educational professionals or funding constraints can appear to prevent parents and young people from getting the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) that the parents feel is needed. There can be disagreement as to the provision required, the school which is to provide it or for funding the placement.

Education Health And Care Plan – Disputes

The purpose of an EHC is to enable those with special educational needs the opportunity to adapt their environment or the way that they access the information and teaching in order to help them learn. To have vital funding or support removed or denied can leave parents frustrated and looking for help in challenging decisions made. Our experienced education law solicitors will assist parents through the process by analysing the information available and advising parents on the steps to take. We can assist by writing to the authorities to resolve outstanding or disputed issues.

Finding the best way forward can feel daunting and overwhelming. We can advise on the process of obtaining a plan as well as its contents. We can also offer specialised advice for breaches of plans, or in the event that they need amendment.

Our aim is to provide advice and assistance to empower the parents, make them aware of their rights and the responsibilities of the Local Authority concerned.

Breaches of plans can involve refusal to implement needed educational resources to assist the young person or the failure of a school to properly implement the plan. If the parent feels that they are not being listened to, then our Specialist Solicitors can liaise with the school or Local Authority to make adjustments.

Sometimes, the parents may feel that another school would be a better placement to deliver the plan and we can assist with negotiations and information gathering to present this case.

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