Common Causes That Delay Property Sale Transactions

Date Added 27.10.17

There are several issues surrounding the sale of a property that may appear to be minor matters but that are increasingly causing delays for clients selling their properties.

Whilst they are not matters relating to the legal transfer of property, they are regulatory matters and the delays surrounding them can be avoided.

When deciding to sell a property our clients are asked to provide to their solicitors guarantees, planning permissions, building regulation approvals etc. but, very often, work has been done to a property and the relevant certification is not available.

The following documents are always required and, usually, if lost, duplicates can be obtained at the outset to prevent delays:

1. If the property is less than 10 years old, the original NHBC (or equivalent) documents.  Duplicate NHBC certificates can be obtained at www.nhbc.co.uk/Homeowners/Findyourpolicydocument

2. If the property has been extended, the planning permission, building regulation approval and completion certificate will be required.  In the event that these were not obtained you should contact your conveyancer prior to contacting the local authority.

3. Since April 2002, the installation of new windows and glazed doors must be covered by a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate issued by a member of an authorised Competent Person Scheme being either FENSA or CERTASS or directly by the local authority.

FENSA (0207 6453700) www.fensa.org.uk/fensa-certificate  Current charge £20 online, £25 by telephone.

CERTASS (01292 292099) current charge £18 – email info@certass.com

4. Since 1 January 2005, any rewiring or electrical alterations should be carried out by a contractor who is registered with NICEIC (Tel:  0870 0130382)  NAPIT (Tel:  0845 5430330) or ELECSA (0333 2407870) The contractor should provide an electrical installation certificate and, unless minor works,  a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate.

NICEIC (0333 0156625 – customer services) the certificate is free if requested by telephone and £10 if obtained online www.checkmynotification.com

NAPIT (0345 5430330 – option 2).  The current charge is £12 for an emailed copy or £30 for a hard copy.

ELECSA (03333218220) or (enquiries.elecsa@certsure.com for “live chat”)  This is to ascertain if a certificate is available and to obtain a duplicate a cheque for £12,  payable to Certsure LLP should be sent to Mansfield Business Centre Ashfield Avenue, Mansfield, NG18 2AE.

5. If a new boiler has been installed since 1 April 2005, any installation must be carried out by a qualified contractor. They will automatically inform the local authority that works have been carried out on your property and you will be issued with a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate.

If the boiler was installed between April 2005 and March 2009, duplicate certificates can be obtained from CORGI (01256 548040) info@corgitechnical.com

If after March 2009, duplicate certificates can be obtained from GAS SAFE REGISTER (Tel: 0800 4085500 – option 6).  The current cost is £6.

6. Any installation of a log burner requires a HETAS certificate (Tel: 01684 278170) www.hetas.co.uk – email info@hetas.co.uk

7. If a chimney is swept, a certificate from the contractor is now required

8. You may have guarantees for damp or timber work carried out at the property and the original will be required.  In addition, the guarantee will usually refer to a report or contract and this will also be needed.  Duplicates can be obtained from the contractor.

This is not an exhaustive list but sets out the most common issues.

If you have problems regarding any of the above matter then Talk to Tollers.

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