Intellectual Property Law

Protecting your business’ Intellectual Property (IP) is essential. Your business may well depend upon the intellectual property, whether it’s copyright, trademarks, design rights, database rights or patents. If you fail to protect your IP, then your competitive advantage in the marketplace may be lost, and the value of your business can be diminished.

Intellectual Property Solicitors

At Tollers, we have a team of intellectual property solicitors who have the knowledge and expertise to help you protect your business’ IP.

We can assist you in the identification of your IP and can provide advice in relation to registrations. We work closely with external trademark and patent attorneys and can refer you to the right professionals to deal with registration applications for your business anywhere in the world.

In addition to protecting your IP, you may also want to exploit it by entering into licensing deals. Our IP solicitors can assist with the drafting and negotiation of the legal agreements, whether in the UK or internationally.

Protecting Intellectual Property

It is very important that you take all necessary steps to enforce your IP rights in order to protect the monopoly that registration provides, to protect your goodwill and also to stop it from being used in a way that brings your business into disrepute and potentially affects trade. Working with our dispute resolution specialists we can advise in relation to disputes relating to the use and ownership of IP rights.

Confidential Information

The confidential information developed by your business is also a key business asset. We will advise on the protection of your confidential information and can prepare agreements to protect this. These agreements often called non-disclosure agreements or NDAs will be tailored to suit the particular reasons for your disclosure of confidential information to a third party.

Digital IP

When considering your IP, it is important not to overlook every asset capable of protection. In the world today, the use of technology and websites is key, and the protection of your domain names is just as important as your branding. We can assist with the protection of your domain names against third parties seeking to profit from your brand reputation.

Sale and Transfer of Intellectual Property

As part of our service to you, we will also help with the transfer, purchase and sale of intellectual property to third parties, co-existence agreements and agreements between joint owners.

Talk to Tollers

To ensure your business IP is protected, Talk to Tollers. Get in touch with our IP solicitors who have a wealth of experience and can help safeguard your intellectual assets.

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Duncan Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer
Duncan joined Tollers as a Partner in 2006 in order to provide specialist advice on Corporate Recovery and Insolvency matters...
Brian Auld
Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Law
Brian Auld is a welcome addition to Tollers family, having been a company commercial lawyer for over 30 years, he joined the firm in 2022.
Duncan Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer
Brian Auld
Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Law
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