Data Protection

In light of the value that can be attributed to the personal data collected by a business, data protection is a key issue for all businesses. Employers, service suppliers, contracting parties, and other holders of personal data need to be extremely careful and be able to show they have appropriate systems and protections in place to demonstrate compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

Data Protection Solicitors

We can advise you in relation to your compliance needs, including assistance with data protection audits,  drafting appropriate policies and notices for use throughout your business and data subject rights and requests. We can advise on the requirements for, and the form of, consent required for processing personal data. In addition to internal compliance issues, we will advise on the data protection aspects of any commercial agreement that you propose to enter into and will ensure that data processing agreements are in place concerning all relevant outsourced services.

Data Breach

If something goes wrong and a data breach occurs, we have the necessary experience to advise in connection with the notification of a breach to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

With fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover (whichever is the greater) for the most serious breaches and the requirement for organisations to be accountable for compliance, data protection is a business concern that must be taken seriously. Businesses should not relax once the required policies have been drafted. It is important to keep data protection at the forefront of business planning so that whenever new agreements are entered into or new systems are purchased, the impact on data protection is taken into account.

Talk to Tollers

Both our commercial and employment teams actively advise clients on the implementation of GDPR, and in addition to drafting documentation, we can provide bespoke and focussed training to your business and your employees in relation to this complex area of law. Get in touch with our specialist experts today.


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Our Data Protection Experts

Hasin Ali
Hasin is a newly qualified corporate and commercial solicitor in Tollers commercial services unit having joined the firm in November 2023.
Brian Auld
Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Law
Brian Auld is a welcome addition to Tollers family, having been a company commercial lawyer for over 30 years, he joined the firm in 2022.
Duncan Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer
Duncan joined Tollers as a Partner in 2006 in order to provide specialist advice on Corporate Recovery and Insolvency matters...
Hasin Ali
Brian Auld
Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Law
Duncan Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer
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