Agency and Distribution Agreements

There are many different ways of exploiting new markets, and the use of agents and distributors are just two of the options. We can advise on the best option for your business, taking into account whether you want to establish your own business in a new market or whether you are content to use a distributor to sell your goods. Once established, we can work with you to manage your networks of agents or distributors and ensure that the best agency and distribution agreements are put in place.

Agency Agreements

When appointing commercial agents, we can help by drafting appropriate terms of appointment and advising you on the implications of creating an agency relationship. The terms of appointment will need to reflect the prevailing law in the territory in which the agent operates as, in certain circumstances, local laws may override the choice of English law. We have a wide network of international contacts who can be asked to advise on relevant local issues.

Ending an Agency Relationship

At the end of the agency relationship, we can help manage the exit strategy and deal with post-termination obligations and restrictions that may apply. We can also advise on claims for compensation or indemnity payments under the Commercial Agents Regulations or other similar legislation both in Europe and further afield with the help of our extensive network of overseas lawyers.

Distributor Agreements

In terms of appointing distributors to assist you in expanding your business, we can help you define, document, and apply the best distribution strategy for your business. We can assist in the drafting and negotiation of the distribution agreement and the management of your distribution network. As part of this process, we will ensure that your standard terms of sale are appropriate to the markets you choose to enter.

If the commercial relationship between principal and distributor breaks down, we will advise you on exit and enforcement strategies to help safeguard your business.


However you chose to go to market, the agreements that Tollers drafts on your behalf will take into account competition law rules while having due consideration for exemptions that might benefit you and the implications of a failure to comply. We will also discuss with you and advise on other compliance issues including, data protection and, working with our network of overseas lawyers, any compliance steps that need to be taken by you with a view to enforcement of your agreements should the need arise in the future.

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Hasin Ali
Hasin is a newly qualified corporate and commercial solicitor in Tollers commercial services unit having joined the firm in November 2023.
Brian Auld
Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Law
Brian Auld is a welcome addition to Tollers family, having been a company commercial lawyer for over 30 years, he joined the firm in 2022.
Duncan Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer
Duncan joined Tollers as a Partner in 2006 in order to provide specialist advice on Corporate Recovery and Insolvency matters...
Hasin Ali
Brian Auld
Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Law
Duncan Nicholson
Chief Executive Officer
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