Buy to Let Conveyancing

Buy to Let Conveyancing

What are the legal requirements and obligations for landlords in a Buy to Let transaction?

A landlord needs to ensure that a property is safe for anyone who is going to live there such as obtaining a gas safety check every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer, ensure any electrics meet the required standards, a smoke alarm should be in place and you need to have a minimum rating of E for an Energy Performance Certificate and any furniture needs to meet safety standards. If this is a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) then you will need an HMO Licence from the council. A landlord should have a tenancy agreement with the tenants and you may want a letting agent to be involved who would hold a tenant’s deposit under one of the deposit schemes.

Are there any specific considerations for Buy to Let Conveyancing related to tax implications?

Any buyer purchasing an investment property would be best advised to obtain specialist tax advice on their individual or their company position in relation to various taxes before they proceed. It is important to understand the impact of taxes such as Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax for the rental income, Corporation Tax and Inheritance Tax for the future. Stamp duty rates will also be higher for the purchase of property that is in addition to your main residence as an additional 3% is payable and this will also apply if you are buying the property in a company name.

Can Buy to Let Conveyancing be handled without professional legal assistance?

It is possible for you to buy a property without instructing a conveyancer but only if this is a cash purchase as a mortgage lender will require a conveyancer to be involved. It is not however advisable to do this as it will complicate the transaction as you are not able to give the legal promises called undertakings which sit behind the work a conveyancer does between firms to deal with things like how money and documents are passed between the firms.

How does Buy to Let Conveyancing differ from standard property transactions?

If you need a mortgage offer then you would need a buy to let mortgage offer as different interest rates and the loan to value differ from the usual mortgage offers so a higher deposit is required. It is important for a conveyancer to check that there are no covenants preventing the property from being let out and this would particularly apply to a leasehold property.

What role does a conveyancer play in the Buy to Let Conveyancing process?

A conveyancer will do the usual legal checks and searches for conveyancing but in addition to this for a buy to let property they will ensure that there is nothing in the legal title that will prevent you from letting the property. If the property you are buying is being bought subject to an existing tenancy agreement then the conveyancer will check that this complies with your mortgage conditions and check if any rent deposit was paid at the beginning of the tenancy, rental income will also be split between the buyer and the seller on completion to make sure that this is paid to the correct person.

Can I use the same conveyancer I used for a previous property transaction for Buy to Let Conveyancing?

Yes, you can and if you are someone who regularly buys investment property then using the same conveyancer can be beneficial as they may already have your identification information or company information if you are buying as a company, this will need to be up to date.

How long does the Buy to Let Conveyancing process typically take?

This should not take any longer than if you are buying a home to live in and this on average at the moment is taking between 12-16 weeks from the time of instructing a solicitor to exchanging contracts, this can be quicker if you are a cash buyer.

What can cause delays in the Buy to Let Conveyancing process?

If you are buying in a chain then all parties need to be ready to proceed and this can take some time for everyone to have any queries dealt with and all searches and funding in place. Buy to let mortgage offers may take longer to obtain if your funding is more complicated so it is advisable to start this process early

How do I choose the right conveyancer for Buy to Let in Corby?

It is always advisable to use an experienced conveyancer with a good reputation and if the property is local to that conveyancer this may assist, although it is not essential, as the conveyancer will have local knowledge of the location of the property. If you speak to a conveyancer or one of the team you will see if you feel you will develop a good working relationship and will obtain the sort of service you are looking for.

How can individuals in Northampton ensure a smooth Buy to Let Conveyancing process?

If you can have your finances in place early on in the process that will assist and to respond as quickly as you can to your conveyancer when they ask you to complete any forms, sign papers or pay money for searches this will assist in things moving smoothly. If you do need to get a mortgage offer then it is advisable to apply for a mortgage as soon as you find a property to buy and you can have a mortgage in principle ahead of this so you know what borrowing you will be able to obtain.

What are the steps involved in the Buy to Let Conveyancing process in Northampton?

A conveyancer checks the legal title of the property, the searches, the mortgage offer then raises any queries with the seller’s conveyancer. A conveyancer must also check a buyer’s funding to comply with money laundering regulations. If the property already has a tenant then the conveyancer will also check the terms of the existing tenancy agreement. Once all of these points are satisfied and everyone holds signed documents and deposit money then you can exchange contracts and it is at this point that the completion date is set and a binding contract is in place. On completion the conveyancer sends the money to the seller’s conveyancer and you can then have the keys. The conveyancer will then deal with registering the buyer as the new owner with the land registry.

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