Are Older People Getting The Help They Are Entitled To

Date Added 30.11.16

Age UK has recently published findings which show that 1.2m older people in England are not receiving the help they need with everyday tasks such as washing, dressing and eating.

The findings calculate that this includes 696,500 older people who get no help at all, either from paid or unpaid carers, and 487,400 who receive some help, but still have unmet care needs.

The increase to 1.2m is 48% higher than in 2010 and raises concerns about the amount of people who are not being properly cared for and how this may continue to grow in a country with an aging population.

The Care Act 2014 sets out the responsibilities of the local authority when it comes to care support and funding. It also sets out the framework for assessing a person’s care and support needs and their eligibility to receive it. An assessment has to be carried out which considers the person’s well-being and how care and support might improve this day-to-day.

If an adult living in the community is found to meet the care and eligibility requirements, they will be entitled to receive financial assistance from the local authority in funding that care if their available assets are below £23,250. Where someone lives in their own home, this should not be taken into consideration when carrying out the financial assessment. The person will be required to make a contribution towards their care and The Care Act also sets out the rules on how this is calculated.

Kirsty Sanderson of Tollers says, “The Age UK findings suggest that many older people often end up struggling at home on their own or have to be regularly admitted to hospital because they become unwell without the support they require.  It is concerning that the processes in place do not seem to be meeting the needs of those they are there to support.”

Tollers’ has a dedicated team set up specifically to focus on the issues affecting the elderly and vulnerable, including funding for care. If you think you may be entitled to receive care and need help in ensuring you receive the support require, please Talk to Tollers on 01604 258787.

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