April 2023 Updates

Date Added 15.03.23

April 2023 brings with it the usual updates to employment law, however, 2023 is set to be a year of exciting changes. What are the key updates and what do you need to know?

Increases to Pay Rates

National Minimum Wage

From 1 April 2023, the National Minimum Wage rates are going up. They will be increased as follows:

  • £9.50 to £10.42 for workers aged 23 and over (the national living wage);
  • £9.18 to £10.18 for workers aged 21 or 22;
  • £6.83 to £7.49 for workers aged 18 to 20;
  • £4.81 to £5.28 for workers aged under 18 who are no longer of compulsory school age; and
  • £4.81 to £5.28 for apprentices under 19, or over 19 and in the first year of the apprenticeship.

Statutory Pay

From 3 April 2023:

  • Statutory maternity pay is increasing to £172.48 from £156.66;
  • Statutory paternity pay is increasing to £172.48 from £156.66;
  • Statutory adoption pay is increasing to £172.48 from £156.66;
  • Statutory shared parental pay is increasing to £172.48 from £156.66; and
  • Statutory bereavement pay is increasing to £172.48 from £156.66.

From 6 April 2023:

  • Statutory sick pay is increasing to £109.40 from £99.35; and
  • Statutory redundancy pay is likely to increase from £571, with a new rate announced in March 2023.

All employers should review their pay rates, to make sure that they are compliant with these changes.

The Kings Coronation

The Coronation of King Charles III on 6 May 2023 brings an additional bank holiday on 8 May 2023.

All employers should review their employment contracts and holiday policies in preparation for the additional bank holiday and what this means for your workers. Our Employment team can explain the impact of the wording within these documents, including whether workers are entitled to the additional bank holiday.

Proposed updates to look out for:

The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill

This bill provides government ministers with the ability to remove or replace certain retained EU laws, possibly leading to speedy and significant changes to employment law. Importantly, the bill contains a provision for many EU laws to automatically disappear from 31 December 2023 unless otherwise addressed by parliament. Whilst it is likely that this deadline could be extended, this bill will likely result in a plethora of consultations, proposals and legal challenges in relation to TUPE, Working Time Regulations, Parental Leave Regulations and Annual Leave.

These potential updates are significant and may impact the day-to-day operations for many organisations. Look out for updates from our employment team throughout the year for updates.

Flexible working

Current legislation gives workers with at least 26 weeks of continuous service the right to request flexible working. However, the Government have proposed to make flexible working a day one right. Moreover, employees would be able to make two requests for flexible working per 12-month period, and employees would no longer be required to set out the impact of their request on the organisation. This means that amendments to this, removing the length of service and making

Redundancy protection

Current legislation gives workers redundancy protections during periods of parental leave, however, proposed updates would extend the period of protection following a return to work. The period of protection is expected to be 6 months, during which time protected employees will have priority for suitable alternative roles within the organisation, however, consultation to determine specific details is ongoing.

New laws

The Government has proposed the introduction of neonatal leave and pay for parents with babies in neonatal care, and carers leave for employees who have dependants with a need for long-term care. Additionally, new legislation on the distribution of tips is expected to significantly impact the hospitality industry. The details of these proposed laws are scarce, and although it is unlikely that they will be in force during 2023, it may be helpful to know that these changes are on the horizon.

How can we help?

If you have any questions relating to the April 2023 updates or would like further information regarding the changes and how they may impact your business… Talk to Tollers on 01604 258558, our Employment team is on hand to assist you with all you need to know.

We’re here for you.

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