Age Discrimination In The Workplace

Date Added 03.03.19

Do your older workers struggle with new technology?  Do your office juniors sit on their smartphones all day?

Those are just a few of the typical age discrimination myths that ACAS are trying to dispel with the release of new guidance on age discrimination in the workplace.

Age Discrimination In The Workplace

The proportion of older workers in the workplace is on the increase; nearly one-third of the current workforce is aged oved 50 and that ratio is set to rise further.  As one of the most prevalent forms of workplace discrimination, is ageism the last taboo?

According to a recent YouGov poll commissioned by the Centre for Ageing Better, more than a quarter of job applicants were put off applying for a job because the advert was ‘aimed at younger candidates’ and invited applicants with ‘youthful enthusiasm’, and almost a third felt that they were turned down for a job because of their age. The experiences of those already employed also make for sobering reading. A third of the employee’s interviewed reported fewer opportunities for training and progression as they have got older and feel that their employers simply don’t see any value in employing older workers.

Age Discrimination Cuts Both Ways

Whilst the evidence may suggest it, age discrimination doesn’t apply just to older workers. Adverts which invite ‘mature applicants’ to apply for job or which insist upon a minimum period of previous experience, and applying pay scales which use length of service for salary progression may all be found to be discriminatory practices unless they can be justified.

Whichever Way You Slice It:

Ageism is bad for business. It damages morale; it frustrates your staff recruitment and retention efforts; it will damage your reputation, and worse yet: it can land you in hot water at an Employment Tribunal.

How To Prevent Age Discrimination

Talk to Tollers, ask us to undertake a review of your employment contracts, your terms and conditions of employment, your equality and diversity policies and your recruitment procedures – particularly your interview and selection criteria – to ensure that these do not disadvantage employees of any age, however unintentionally.  Talk to Tollers we’re here for you.

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