If you are considering which firm of solicitors to choose, then you can do no better than to select Tollers.  I have been a client for almost 9 years and feel better qualified than most to comment as I have relied on various people within the company to help me.

Firstly, I needed help to make a Will and to rearrange my affairs after the death of my husband in 2007.  Barry Rogers was my first point of contact.  After that Barry helped me to arrange a Lasting Power of Attorney for my disabled brother following the death of our mother, and he is now a trustee and joint Attorney for him.

In 2013, I bought the property next to mine and relied on the valuable services of David Wootton and his team to complete the purchase.

Most recently, I have been fortunate enough to have the help of Julie Yates.  As Senior Probate Manager, she organised Lasting Powers of Attorney for my aunt in Worcestershire. For me, Tollers are unrivalled in their services and I have less happy experiences with other firms of solicitors to make a comparison, so my judgement is not just based on emotional criteria but on those of efficiency, clarity, probity and empathy.  Yes, one pays for the service, but you can trust everyone you deal with and there is a warmth and compassion from all those who are involved.

Barry Rogers is like a rock in the background for me and that is hugely important, especially when you are making important decisions alone and on behalf of those you love.  His advice is always clear and honest and he is most patient and tolerant when I change my mind about things and cause extra work.

Julie Yates visted my late uncle and aunt in Worcestershire in order to prepare the Powers of Attorney for them. Following the death of my uncle, she has continued to provide support to my aunt at my request and I cannot praise her enough for her work, which went well beyond the call of duty.

Lastly, it is no exaggeration to say that I will rely on Tollers to continue to look after my affairs beyond my lifetime.  My brothers affairs are in their charge and I have absolute faith in that.  It reassures me to know that, as a vulnerable adult, he will be protected by people in whom I have absolute trust.  There can be no higher praise than that.

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