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"I wanted to take the time to thank Stephanie Jervis of Tollers solicitors for all the work she did with me on my case and won. I feel Stephanie worked hard for me and always did what was in my best interests. I was always kept up to date with every aspect of my case. I found Stephanie to be the most professional yet friendly person I have ever worked with and the work and dedication she showed to my case I can't find the words to put down to say how grateful I am and how hard she worked even when things weren't going our way she never gave up and won my case. I would have no hesitation recommending Stephanie to anyone and feel she is a true asset to Tollers solicitors. Good luck in the future And thank u from the bottom of my heart. ".
A Galloway


How state benefits affect your compensation award?

If you receive state benefit payments because of your injury, these may duplicate compensation you receive. The Dept of Work Pensions (DWP) has power to recover such duplicated payments.

When a claim for compensation is made, the person or organisation paying the compensation, must tell the DWP about the claim and obtain a certificate of the amount to be repaid. We will receive a copy of the certificate, which we will send to you to check that it is correct. If you disagree with the certificate you must tell us and we can ask the DWP to review it.

When compensation is paid, the compensator must deduct the sum in the certificate from the amount of your compensation, and pay it to the DWP. This will be equal to the sum you have already received as state benefits, which should be viewed as an interest-free loan to be repaid only if you receive compensation. There is no deduction from your compensation for the injury element. This is protected.

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